Meci Bandipudi [aquila]
I Tried...
Sat Dec 14, 2013 18:21

Meci tried to contain her smirk as she saw a messy Brielle covered in slop. However, seeing Brielle struggling to clean up without further creating a mess, filled her up with guilt. It was partially her fault that this mess had happened in the first place. Meci could have easily alerted the instructor instead of trying to teach the other two girl how she magically made the stain disappear. But, she wanted to prove herself to others that she knew what she was doing and that she could be good at something. Therefore, she tried to help them.
“I’ll help you clean up.” Meci got to work with her wand attempting to clean up the slop on the floor and on the poor girl Brielle.
“Scourgify!” She tried at first as she slowly watched some, but not all, slop disappear from the floor.
“Scourgify!” She tried again, as more and more slop disappeared from the floor. Bu eventually, Meci realized the mess was too big for one person to do it alone. Maybe if everyone worked together, this problem could be solved? It was worth a try.
“Hey, anyone want to help out and get more practice using the Scourging Charm?

  • A little help here...?Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Mon Dec 9 11:46
    Usually this is when someone offers to help clean this up with me, Brielle thought as she knelt on her hands and knees, still covered in the gook from the explosion. On the other hand, she thought... more
    • I Tried... — Meci Bandipudi [aquila], Sat Dec 14 18:21
      • Yay... more practice...Cora Procella [Aquila], Mon Dec 30 22:27
        "Yay... More practice.." Cora muttered under her breath sarcastically. She had gotten the hang of it until Meci and this stubborn stain made her feel like an idiot. Cora did not like feeling, or... more
        • Clearly, I need itBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Thu Jan 2 11:02
          Brielle glowered at her disgusting robes, which were now beginning to dry with a crusty purple finish to them. She rolled her eyes and began to cast the scourging charm at the ground, the desk, the... more
          • I'M SO SORRY!! Meci Bandipudi[Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:10
            “I’m sorry guys!” Meci stammered. She did not expect her little technique to cause this much trouble. Nevertheless, she stayed back and helped Brielle and Cora clean up as Brielle’s robes took on a... more
            • Well, one good thing came from thisBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 16:02
              "I'm sorry guys!" Brielle eyed Meci as the three girls finished cleaning the mess up. She wished she could go back to the Common Room to change into her spare robes, yet she knew she had to wait... more
            • I don't think we are getting in trouble Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:51
              Cora looked at the two of them in surprise, "First off, I don't think we are getting in trouble.. I mean look, we are pretty much already cleaned up and the teacher hasn't noticed," Cora lowered her... more
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