Ika Blackburn [Draco]
Should flock together?
Sun Dec 15, 2013 04:45

Now that she was in her seventh year and they were doing even cooler magic, Ika had started to enjoy Spellwork a lot more. She was even thinking about becoming an Animagus—it seemed like the sort of thing that would be useful if she was going to work with animals. After all, Anders was one, and apparently Madame Poff had just started a course to guide her Animagus process. Ika wasn’t sure if Professor Clarke would offer an Animagus class; Professor Philpott used to, but the former librarian might not want to.

Then again, being an Animagus might not be very useful if she was working with runespoors and took the form of a hamster or something. She wouldn’t know her form until the end, of course, so this was sort of a moot point.

For the time being, she was quite happy with conjurations, so she took her seat and several chocolate cookies from the plate, trying not to get crumbs on her notebook or desk. The few that fell on her royal blue blouse or emerald skirt were quickly brushed away, and she’d finished her last cookie before Professor Clarke started the lecture.

Ika had had some success with the flowers—she could usually conjure some very nice hyacinth blossoms from the tip of her wand, but they always came out one at a time, never connected. Her roses were much better, and once she’d made a knotted daisy chain that she’d been unable to reproduce, although she could make single daisies very easily.

Avis.” A burst of bright feathers—green and sapphire with some red and white mixed in—shot from her wand. She watched the feathers float down to her desk like confetti. Professor Philpott had made his students do biology lessons and dissect animals before they conjured them, so that they knew more about what they were doing internally. The thought made her feel a little sick, and Ika was glad Professor Clarke had abandoned that particular lesson. Presumably the conjured birds were held together with magic, and they didn’t have to worry about digestive systems and muscle attachments and so on.

A second attempt produced even more feathers, which she pushed into a little pile to the right of her book. The third time was, apparently, the charm, and a single colorful hummingbird was suddenly flapping around the desk. It was only a bit larger than her thumb—but hummingbirds were supposed to be small, weren’t they? Ika laughed in delight as it landed on the tip of her wand. Although hadn’t been thinking of any particular bird when she’d tried the spell, this one made sense. “Oh! It’s like my Patronus,” she commented to her deskmate. “Isn’t it sweet?”

Ika wasn’t taking Defense Against the Dark Arts anymore, but Rosetta had wanted to teach her a few spells as soon as she turned seventeen. Unlike the hexes Rosetta had most wanted her to master, the Patronus came very easily to Ika—which she was quietly very proud of, because Rosetta always needed a few tries to do it and Keith couldn’t produce one at all. As the youngest of four, it was rare—and nice—for Ika to have something she was the best at.

  • [Years 6 & 7] Birds of a feather...Professor M. Clarke, Thu Dec 12 15:55
    Mary-Louise was in a pleasant mood and waved cheerily at the first flock of students to enter the classroom. A plate of chocolate biscuits was making it’s way around the area, floating towards... more
    • Should flock together? — Ika Blackburn [Draco], Sun Dec 15 04:45
      • Do we have the same feathers?Niccolò York {Draco}, Thu Jan 2 18:16
        Niccolò entered the classroom at what had become his usual pace; slow and languid, not exactly casual, more like he seemed unsure at what his purpose was, no longer striding forward but shuffling in... more
        • I think we’re two of a kindIka, Thu Jan 2 23:11
          “Hey.” Ika grinned. She’d been a bit worried about Nicco all semester—except during Draco’s Quidditch practices, he’d been sort of weird. The first few times she’d assumed it was sleep deprivation or ... more
          • Too sexy for our shirts?Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 00:35
            Niccolò flipped through the textbook, dark eyes flashing with piqued interest, grazing the hasty scrawl of inky notes that he’d left in the margins, trying to find a clue to the answer he sought.... more
            • I’d rather keep my shirt onIka, Fri Jan 3 01:29
              “Well, it has to be real. I guess it’s like, the opposite of Vanishing things. So wherever stuff goes when you Vanish it… is the same place that stuff comes from when you conjure?” This was the part... more
              • Then I dunno what we have in common.Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 02:29
                “Like an alternate plane of existence where everything that’s ever been vanished is stored?” Niccolò wasn’t sure if that was exactly what she meant, but it sounded cool. “So everything imaginable has ... more
                • “No, I was thinking more like—like clay?” Ika wasn’t sure it made sense, so she elaborated. “Like it… it’s just unformed stuff on the alternate plane or whatever. And when you conjure, pull it back... more
                  • How smooth do you think I think I am?Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 05:41
                    “A world of clay.” Niccolò’s tongue darted out, licking off the chocolate still lingering at the corners of his mouth. “A world of limitless imagination. That sounds kind of incredible. Imagine if... more
                    • You think you’re a smooth criminalIka, Fri Jan 3 19:59
                      Ika considered Nicco’s take on the theory. “Well, I think,” she said, “you’d just turn into—into the clay, if you ended up there. Like the rest of things. You don’t get to be Prometheus and sculpt a... more
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