Brielle Hawkins (Aquila)
Clearly, I need it
Thu Jan 2, 2014 11:02 (XFF:

Brielle glowered at her disgusting robes, which were now beginning to dry with a crusty purple finish to them. She rolled her eyes and began to cast the scourging charm at the ground, the desk, the garments; anywhere with the goo stained on it. She still did not get the stain, as it was more stubborn than anyone she'd ever met. She looked around at the other two girls who were helping with the mess.

"Now here's hoping we don't get yelled at by a teacher," Cora mentioned quite literally, the usual sense of sarcasm absent from her tone. Brielle could feel her face redden, as being scolded was a complete and very likely possibility. She let out a deep breath and apologized to the two girls.

"Sorry...sorry guys...That's the last thing I want, is to get you two in trouble during the first lesson," Brielle stammered as they finished cleaning up. She peeked under her robes and, remarkably, her clothes had remained somewhat clean, "but I managed to do so."

She looked sadly at the two girls as she tucked her wand into her boot again, knowing that this wasn't a good place to keep it because of the off chance it could snap, but she had nowhere else to put it and didn't feel like carrying it around in her hand. She was rather fond of the piece of hardware and quite often wondered how it was it worked; the small rod could do anything, all at the command of a single person. "I hope that this doesn't tarnish your view of me. I'm really not a badly behaved person..." She added, though she reminded herself that it was Meci's Spellwork technique that caused the eruption. Then again, she cast the spell...

  • Yay... more practice...Cora Procella [Aquila], Mon Dec 30 22:27
    "Yay... More practice.." Cora muttered under her breath sarcastically. She had gotten the hang of it until Meci and this stubborn stain made her feel like an idiot. Cora did not like feeling, or... more
    • Clearly, I need it — Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Thu Jan 2 11:02
      • I'M SO SORRY!! Meci Bandipudi[Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:10
        “I’m sorry guys!” Meci stammered. She did not expect her little technique to cause this much trouble. Nevertheless, she stayed back and helped Brielle and Cora clean up as Brielle’s robes took on a... more
        • Well, one good thing came from thisBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 16:02
          "I'm sorry guys!" Brielle eyed Meci as the three girls finished cleaning the mess up. She wished she could go back to the Common Room to change into her spare robes, yet she knew she had to wait... more
        • I don't think we are getting in trouble Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:51
          Cora looked at the two of them in surprise, "First off, I don't think we are getting in trouble.. I mean look, we are pretty much already cleaned up and the teacher hasn't noticed," Cora lowered her... more
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