I think we’re two of a kind
Thu Jan 2, 2014 23:11

“Hey.” Ika grinned. She’d been a bit worried about Nicco all semester—except during Draco’s Quidditch practices, he’d been sort of weird. The first few times she’d assumed it was sleep deprivation or something. Didn’t people always talk about how hard senior year was supposed to be? But then, Nicco was never one to let stress get to him, was he?

Maybe it was senior year nostalgia (although she’d been sort of thinking about it since she’d seen him half fighting a grindylow in the pool) but even though they hadn’t been close lately, Ika wanted to be friends. She’d talked to him a few times since the year started, and while he’d been perfectly polite he’d acted so unfamiliar that it was almost rude. Now he seemed normal, laughing and swinging into the seat beside her. Ika wasn’t sure what had changed all of a sudden, but she welcomed the difference.

The next time she looked over—her conjured hummingbird still perched on the tip of her willow wand—Nicco was watching a pigeon zoom around the room. She followed the grey bird with her brown eyes while she considered his question. “I think they’re brand new,” she said. “Or maybe imitations, I’m not sure. We conjured them so they’re as real as anything else that gets conjured.”

That was one of the weird bits of spellwork that Ika didn’t really understand. Part of Gamp’s Law said you couldn’t conjure food. But if you could conjure animals, surely you could kill a conjured animal and then cook it and eat it. Unless conjured animals disappeared when they died… she didn’t think they lasted very long under normal conditions, so that might be the case. Ika didn’t like to get into the technical of How Magic Works; that was more of her brother’s thing. The Blackburn girls were happier to take things at face value.

“We could ask Professor Clarke,” she suggested, as Nicco reached for his book. He was so animated she couldn’t help but grin. “You’re in a good mood,” Ika added. Her hummingbird zoomed off to join other birds. “Did you have a good weekend?”

  • Do we have the same feathers?Niccolò York {Draco}, Thu Jan 2 18:16
    Niccolò entered the classroom at what had become his usual pace; slow and languid, not exactly casual, more like he seemed unsure at what his purpose was, no longer striding forward but shuffling in... more
    • I think we’re two of a kind — Ika, Thu Jan 2 23:11
      • Too sexy for our shirts?Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 00:35
        Niccolò flipped through the textbook, dark eyes flashing with piqued interest, grazing the hasty scrawl of inky notes that he’d left in the margins, trying to find a clue to the answer he sought.... more
        • I’d rather keep my shirt onIka, Fri Jan 3 01:29
          “Well, it has to be real. I guess it’s like, the opposite of Vanishing things. So wherever stuff goes when you Vanish it… is the same place that stuff comes from when you conjure?” This was the part... more
          • Then I dunno what we have in common.Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 02:29
            “Like an alternate plane of existence where everything that’s ever been vanished is stored?” Niccolò wasn’t sure if that was exactly what she meant, but it sounded cool. “So everything imaginable has ... more
            • “No, I was thinking more like—like clay?” Ika wasn’t sure it made sense, so she elaborated. “Like it… it’s just unformed stuff on the alternate plane or whatever. And when you conjure, pull it back... more
              • How smooth do you think I think I am?Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 05:41
                “A world of clay.” Niccolò’s tongue darted out, licking off the chocolate still lingering at the corners of his mouth. “A world of limitless imagination. That sounds kind of incredible. Imagine if... more
                • You think you’re a smooth criminalIka, Fri Jan 3 19:59
                  Ika considered Nicco’s take on the theory. “Well, I think,” she said, “you’d just turn into—into the clay, if you ended up there. Like the rest of things. You don’t get to be Prometheus and sculpt a... more
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