You think you’re a smooth criminal
Fri Jan 3, 2014 19:59

Ika considered Nicco’s take on the theory. “Well, I think,” she said, “you’d just turn into—into the clay, if you ended up there. Like the rest of things. You don’t get to be Prometheus and sculpt a new race out of it.” At least that was how she’d imagined it. It was very hard to describe something that wasn’t even supposed to be a real, tangible, physical thing.

The same principle was probably involved when you used wizard space, she decided. Keith and Irene had expanded their apartment with wizard space; they had a walk-in closet off the master bedroom, a guest bedroom in place of a linen closet (the second bedroom had been immediately repurposed as an office and library for the two Healers), and a fireplace in the living room, none of which were accounted for on the floor plan. Keith said that the charms were “essentially foolproof,” which was as close as Keith came to making a definitive statement about something that wasn’t scientifically supported, but sleeping in the guest room still made Ika wary. What if it just snapped back to the size of a linen closet again? She had the impression that both Keith and Irene were magically powerful, and she knew they wouldn’t let anything happen to her… but she still preferred sleeping on the living room couch.

She did like Nicco’s theory about food, but the case didn’t seem entirely solved to her. If there wasn’t anything about this in their textbook, it didn’t seem like the whole solution of How Conjuring Worked would be discovered by two seventeen-year-olds who didn’t even know that much about the fields of Charms and Transfiguration. Ika felt like this sort of thing should need years of study, and if it hadn’t been figured out by now then maybe it wasn’t meant to be questioned that closely. It worked, and that was all she cared about.

“I think I’ll stick with Nicco,” Ika told him. She petted her dove gently. “You’ll just have to get over the idea of me using your titles.” Ika liked nicknames—they were efficient, syllable-wise, and showed affection—and she wasn’t about to add something to his name to make it longer.

“Ella Parker,” she corrected. “Yeah, we need upperclassmen down there to do the spell. I guess Director Addi could probably do it if she’s backstage. It’d be way easier if we had someone besides me to do the booth—although I guess I could send them from there. As long as I can see the stage it’s probably not too far away to maintain the spell.” Did the birds even have a range? Would they disintegrate if she wasn’t close enough? It seemed pretty easy to test—she could do that next time she was in the theater.

I never stopped talking to you. We see each other all the time.

Ika laughed. “Are you kidding? I don’t think I’ve talked to you for this long in, like, a year. I mean I get we’re busy this term—I only just got all my applications in, so it’s been chaos—but conversations about Quidditch practice so don’t count as hanging out.”

  • How smooth do you think I think I am?Niccolò, Fri Jan 3 05:41
    “A world of clay.” Niccolò’s tongue darted out, licking off the chocolate still lingering at the corners of his mouth. “A world of limitless imagination. That sounds kind of incredible. Imagine if... more
    • You think you’re a smooth criminal — Ika, Fri Jan 3 19:59
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