Cora Procella [Aquila]
I don't think we are getting in trouble
Sun Jan 5, 2014 14:51

Cora looked at the two of them in surprise, "First off, I don't think we are getting in trouble.. I mean look, we are pretty much already cleaned up and the teacher hasn't noticed," Cora lowered her voice, "at least I hope not," Then she continued, "And besides, I thought it was kind of fun! I like adventures and this certainly was one. Don't blame yourselves, either of you. This was probably a faulty stain.. Maybe whatever it was made out of does not respond well to the scouring charm?"

Cora paused in consideration. What kind of thing would not respond well to the multi-purpose cleaning charm? Most should, right? And she realized she had been rambling again.

"Sorry guys. Next time I talk too much, let me know and I will shut up immediately."

She also realized that she had talked right over Meci and Brielle's conversation... she just wanted what she had to say to be heard. She didn't think that she would be interrupting their talk about a wand. But it was too late. She just hoped that Brielle and Meci would forgive her. There seemed to be a lot of apologizing and forgiving going around lately.

[OCC: I believe it is the scouring charm, not scourging... they mean entirely different things]

  • I'M SO SORRY!! Meci Bandipudi[Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:10
    “I’m sorry guys!” Meci stammered. She did not expect her little technique to cause this much trouble. Nevertheless, she stayed back and helped Brielle and Cora clean up as Brielle’s robes took on a... more
    • Well, one good thing came from thisBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 16:02
      "I'm sorry guys!" Brielle eyed Meci as the three girls finished cleaning the mess up. She wished she could go back to the Common Room to change into her spare robes, yet she knew she had to wait... more
    • I don't think we are getting in trouble — Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:51
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