Justin Key (Draco)
Try to pay attention
Sat Feb 22, 2014 13:10

Entering the classroom, Justin scowled. The desks were gone, again. His classmates sat on down, but he took a moment to grumble -internally- about having to sit on the floor, feeling especially out of place as he sat down and tried to work out a more gentlemanly way to sit than that crossed-legged thing other children in Muggle clothing liked to do. Despite all the practice, he had yet to find a comfortable, suitable position.
Nobody was sitting yet, but he had no doubt it would happen. The teacher asked them to sit in groups but everyone he liked had already paired up by the time he found them and he sat down alone, trying out sitting on his knees again. It still made him uncomfortable, and he felt like some kind of servant, but it was better than that Muggle way of sitting.
The teacher instructed them to pull out their textbook, despite the fact that it looked like it would be a practical lesson today, and went on to explain the important points of the page - disgruntled, he put the book away again as she pulled out her wand.
"Do you, ah, know what we're supposed to be doing?" Justin frowned, trying to remember where he knew this boy from, but perhaps he had just seen him around.
"We're supposed to be opening the chests using the Alohamora spell in pairs." He grudgingly shared. It would probably be easier to work with whomever this boy was than try and open it on his own, but he didn't have to be happy about it.

  • Alohaaaa-aa-a-ah What are we doing?Kenneth Wilson, Wed Feb 19 21:45
    Kenneth Wilson wasn't lazy , no. He...just liked to conserve energy. Yeah, conserve energy. And why would anyone who was against the deplorable wasting of energy seen in the world today wake up... more
    • Try to pay attention — Justin Key (Draco), Sat Feb 22 13:10
      • But then what use would I have for you?Kenneth Wilson, Sun Feb 23 00:00
        Kenneth nearly slapped himself when he realized who he was speaking to. It was that weird kid from his first Opening Feast! Justin had acted awkward and uncomfortable the whole time and then just... more
        • I... don't know what to say to thatJustin Key, Tue Feb 25 22:20
          Justin tried not to exhale too loudly when he noticed that the other boy was examining his robes and hair. At least Justin had been somewhat discrete about his disapproval of his classmate's attire.... more
          • DIVERSIONKenneth Wilson, Mon Mar 3 16:53
            Kenneth tried not to feel too smug when it took Justin three tries to get any result. He reminded himself that it would probably take a couple tries himself to get the trunk open. When the lock... more
            • How terribly distracting.Justin Key, Wed Mar 5 23:35
              It was difficult, annoyingly difficult, to avoid cringing as the lock of their trunk broke. At least, he was fairly certain it was broken. What were they supposed to do now ? And his partner, he... more
              • Thank you!Kenneth Wilson, Thu Mar 6 18:09
                Kenneth was relieved when Justin did not make a big thing of his display, aside from a snide remark. His classmate only fixed the lock and performed the spell correctly. Kenneth felt a tinge of... more
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