Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
I can thieve too...
Fri Feb 28, 2014 18:46

While it wouldn't have been a surprise at the beginning of the year to see Beka creeping inconspicuously into the classroom at a point of time after the beginning of the lesson, it was becoming more and more uncommon. Though she still managed to zone out during lectures (or become completely fascinated with the workings of a small pond right outside the fake window) she was becoming a slightly more reliable student. At least, she got her homework done in some form or another.

Though she had come a long way from setting innocent (or not so innocent) pieces of clothing on fire while trying to clean them, she still didn't particularly excel immediately on any of the spells. (If any of her friends noticed that she seemed to at least get the spells mastered before the majority of the class, they didn't say anything.)

Which was why it was a surprise to anybody who happened to be paying attention that again, Beka had wandered in late. Personally, Beka blamed the house elf and the portrait of irritable monks in the secret passageway behind the Recreation Center. That, however, is not a story to be told today.

Beka, trying to make herself as small as possible as she slipped through the doorway into Professor Clarke's classroom (which she still felt was annoyingly bright and non-magical) was pleased to see that the class yet again separated themselves into groups. Beka liked it when the class separated itself into groups: it always meant that there was a practical lesson coming. Beka could tolerate books in many forms, but doing much more than tolerate them (besides some very selective fiction) was virtually impossible for her.

After waving at Professor Clarke to tell her that she was present and hadn't gotten her head knocked of by a bludger or anything serious, she scanned the classroom for Emily. Though Emily was not always totally reliable, not unlike Beka herself, she was always a good choice of partner if you had no idea what was going on. Even if she didn't have a clue either, they could always find something interesting to do. (The teachers were always so pleased when that happened: it usually meant that something was going to get destroyed.)

When she spotted her sitting in front of a case with Arnold, she started heading in that general direction. She wasn't at all surprised that Emily was with Arnold, whom seemed to be one of her closes friends. Beka had decided that she liked Arnold, even with his tendencies to try to get her to pay attention, because he always seemed willing to be pulled (albeit somewhat unwillingly) along some adventure or another. He also liked Quidditch, which scored points in Beka's book, no question. He seemed almost inseparable from Emily, too, so it was good that she liked him, because she was hanging out a lot around him by default. (The gossipy, girly part of Beka might suspect something between the pair if the other, much [much] larger part of her tried to suppress the first part of her at any cost)

Walking over just as Arnold made a general invitation for anyone to join was just a lucky chance. He really should be more careful about who he asked to join Emily and himself. Beka almost laughed when she imagined Emily's face if Luke had taken Arnold up on his word.

"Anyone else want to give it a go?"

"Yeah, sure!" Beka laughed, plopping down into a crisscrossed position. "It would be helpful if you told me what we were doing first though." Beka slung of her backpack, pushing it behind her, and took out her wand. "I've got no clue. I showed up a little late." Beka crossed her eyes at Emily behind Arnold's back. "A house elf seemed to find it offensive that I crossed over the (totally unused, by the way,) little bridge over that stream we found the other day in that corridor. And that picture of monks hanging above it just HAD to yell at me. You know me, can't resist a fight."

OOC: I made up some random explorations in this, and I hope itís all right. Based on Emily, Beka, and Arnolds personality I find it plausible that they might bodily drag Arnold after them on exploration missions, but if you have any problem with it let me know. I tried to make the details of the interactions as fuzzy as possible, though as you can see I went a little wild on the location.

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