Justin Key
How terribly distracting.
Wed Mar 5, 2014 23:35

It was difficult, annoyingly difficult, to avoid cringing as the lock of their trunk broke. At least, he was fairly certain it was broken. What were they supposed to do now? And his partner, he wasn't helpful at all.
"The box just couldn't handle me," he'd said. Justin had all kinds of retorts in mind - the box hadn't broken for one thing, the lock had. Also, what exactly about the other boy was supposed to be impossible to handle?

Shaking his head, Justin tried to remember a spell to fix things - as the only one that came to mind, Reparo would have to do. He tried it, and to his relief, it seemed to work. "Do you want to see if it can handle you now?" He asked, turning back to the chest before he could answer. "Alohamora!" Even better, the lock clicked. It didn't exactly open itself, the way the teacher's had, but that was alright - two successful spells in a row, and one new. Justin was on a roll.

Flipping the lid open, his jaw dropped and his shoulders slumped. Another trunk. Inside of the first trunk. What was Professor Clarke trying to do? He took a moment to glare at her before flushing at the realization of the childishness of that action.

"Maybe you can open this one." Justin mumbled, moving out of the way.

  • DIVERSIONKenneth Wilson, Mon Mar 3 16:53
    Kenneth tried not to feel too smug when it took Justin three tries to get any result. He reminded himself that it would probably take a couple tries himself to get the trunk open. When the lock... more
    • How terribly distracting. — Justin Key, Wed Mar 5 23:35
      • Thank you!Kenneth Wilson, Thu Mar 6 18:09
        Kenneth was relieved when Justin did not make a big thing of his display, aside from a snide remark. His classmate only fixed the lock and performed the spell correctly. Kenneth felt a tinge of... more
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