Professor M.L. Clarke
(Years 4-5) Let's get to work
Wed Mar 26, 2014 15:33

Mary-Louise was not in the best mood as she sat with her chin resting on the palm of her hand. Eileen had been up with a fever all night, and although her daughter had been looking much better that morning, the entire experience had left the professor sleep deprived and anxious. She had not even had a single cup of coffee yet and even her students knew the woman couldn’t function without it. Eyelids drooping, she attempted to focus on the upcoming lesson.

It was her intermediate class- she was sure. However she had to riffle through her drawers to find the lesson plan before everything began to fall together. Fighting off a yawn, she welcomed her class with only a lazy wave of the hand.

“Ahh, just leave your essays on the Summoning Charm on my desk and I’ll correct them tonight. Although, there were a few exceptions I generally found that your essays on the Cheering Charm were of a poor standard. Therefore I won’t be giving you any homework tonight, other than to practice what we have gone over in class and glance over your essays to see where you can improve.” She paused in her monologue to hand out the marked essays and offer words of praise, encouragement and disappointment when needed.

“If anyone has any questions or concerns remain behind after class and I will address them.”

The students had already been informed on the object of today’s lesson and so she hoped they would be fully prepared. It could be a difficult spell to master but if they failed to make any progress she would be unimpressed.

“I’m going to go over the spell quickly, although I trusted you all did the research, so know what I’m about to do.”

A row of pillows lined the wall and the students were directed the summon them by uttering, “Accio, pillow!”

It was all relatively straightforward. Mary-Louise was optimistic that nothing would be bursting into flames during this lesson.

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