Starr Colindale [Draco]
I think I've cracked it
Tue Apr 1, 2014 01:00

Starr was a little disappointed by the reaction to his essay. Admittedly, structure, punctuation and spelling were fairly fluid concepts in his world, which often caused issues with teachers. But he'd felt the points he'd made were interesting. He'd explored the area of cheering charms, and other mood-modifying magic, as a means of expanding one's horizons into the metaphysical, and discussed some of the great artistic achievements that had arisen as a result of people indulging in this kind of magic. Admittedly, the majority of these stemmed from vivid daydream charms, or other more stimulating spells, and so he'd got off the track of cheering charms quite quickly... Between this this tangent, the general poor standard of writing, and the fact that actually, what Professor Clarke had wanted was some content on the theory behind the charm, rather than a glowing endorsement of enjoying it recreationally, it was hard to say which had caused the greatest offence and resulted in the rather abysmal grade scrawled on top of his homework.

Starr shrugged, slipping it into his bag without much thought. There were more important things in life than being able to write essays well. Honestly, after school, he couldn't really predict himself putting pen to paper that often for any purpose. So long as he knew how to juggle, feed himself cheaply, and get from place to place, that was enough for him. He already knew most of that stuff, and was missing out on learning more by being here, writing pointless essays. He didn't understand why the home school inspector guy thought the same education was right for everyone. It was educational fascism, dictating that there were particular things that there was more worth in learning, and that it was best for everyone to learn those, instead of taking account of what they wanted to do with their life and what skills they might actually need for that.

He'd remembered that there was reading for this class but hadn't got much further than cracking the book open and being overwhelmed by a feeling of it being massively irrelevant to his life. He needed to be able to do these things, not understand how they worked. It didn't help him master the Charm any quicker. Actually doing it and working out what use it was to him was what made spells click. The use, when he'd been home schooled, had always been apparent, as his mother had taught him things on an ad hoc basis, as and when they'd become relevant and useful. Summoning Charms mostly seemed to be useful if you were too lazy to get up off your arse and get something, or if it was out of reach. But he wasn't lazy and he was good at climbing. Plus they spent a lot of time near to Muggle settlements, so only making objects whizz conspicuously through the air was rarely a great idea.

Starr was just giving up on the thought of finding something useful to do with the charm, and getting ready to resign it to the ever growing pile of pointless stuff he'd learnt for learning's sake, when a thought occurred to him. His family played to a mixture of audiences, wizard and Muggle, and when they were doing the former, they incorporated magic into their act. Could it be worked effectively into a juggling trick? Or a trapeze act? He had a glorious vision of one of the trapeze artists making an impossible leap only to be saved by someone drawing her in to the next swing with a Summoning Charm. But for now, that was out of his reach. Juggling though... He rummaged through his bag, taking out a set of colourful patchwork beanbags. His cousin Tarot was brilliant at working tricks out on paper, meticulously noting down passes and drawing beautiful diagrams. Starr was a do-er though. He needed to work through things in his hands. It was a shame that he hadn't met anyone else who could juggle, as this would definitely be a two person trick. However, he could just imagine a partner. Normally you worked co-operatively, making throws to each other, but you could combine it with some clowning – as one guy juggles, the other nicks his resources, making his own show more spectacular. The first guy goes to make catches of things that aren't there...

“Yes!” he declared, catching one of the beanbags, “I think I've got it!” he grinned, oblivious to the fact that – to the untrained eye – it wouldn't look like he'd been concentrating on the class assignment at all.

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