Professor Scott Padral
It might get a little damp in here... (6-7 Adv.)
Mon May 12, 2014 11:54 (XFF:

Scott sat by in the unfamiliar Spellwork classroom and waited for his advanced class to arrive. He was still unsure of how this was all going to go; he'd never taught a Spellwork class before and was much more comfortable in the Herbology room. However, duty calls, and he decided to make the most of it. He decided, today, to go with a spell he'd learned a while ago to help speed along the watering process of plants.

"Be sure to grab a poncho on your way in," Scott told the students as they walked through the doorway, "If you don't want to you don't have to, but I highly suggest it." He'd left a basket of them by the entrance because this was going to get wet fast, and he still had other classes to teach today. Not to mention, the other professors would most likely poke fun at him if he went back to the faculty lounge sopping wet. Scott noticed a few kids skip over the ponchos, the ones he recognized as the troublemakers from his Herbology classes.

"Alright," Scott cleared his throat as the final students came through the door. He began pacing through the rows of students as he talked, "Welcome, I'm Professor Padral. This may be rough because I haven't taught spellwork before, but please bear with me. I like the spell we're using today, so it shouldn't be too bad. But please, be patient if I don't do things as your former professor did.

"I asked you to grab ponchos because we will be learning the water-conjuring charm today. To cast it, you flick your wrist, like so -- " he demonstrated quickly, " -- while saying Augmenti. For example -- you may want to put your ponchos on for this." He waited while the students threw on the plastic coverings over their clothes. Once they were finished, he pointed himself towards the front of the room. Scott was still a few rows back, so the students might be splashed a bit. But, that thought didn't bother him -- they were told to grab ponchos.

"Augmenti," Scott casted, and a jet of water burst from the tip of his wand and hit the blackboard in the center of the teaching stage. The water sprayed back a little and got some of the kids in the front row wet, at which Scott smirked, but no one was dripping...


"One by one," Scott said as he paced back to the front of the room, "I'll call you to the front of the room, and you will each perform the spell. Please, no directing water at people. Unless, that is, they spray you first." He added the last part with a small smirk and sat down in his chair, which he had been careful to avoid.

"Who wants to go first?"

(OOC: Welcome to Spellwork Advanced! Term 18 is going to be great :) Please be sure to write a well thought out passage, and please don't spray other people (excessively, at least). Just assume that Scott called on your character before you begin writing, for example:

"Brielle Hawkins," the professor called on Brielle, and she made her way to the front of the room.

Or something like that.

Happy writing!)

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