Professor Scott Padral
Unlocking a New Door (Beg. 1-3)
Tue May 20, 2014 23:11

In the most literal and figurative senses, Scott was getting the hang of Spellwork. On the figurative side, he enjoyed being with the students and showing them new things. On the literal side, he was currently hanging by his fingertips on a ladder for the bookshelf in the Spellwork classroom. There was one book he was reaching for when he slipped and lost his balance, and now he was dangling above the empty classroom, trying to regain his footing. When he finally succeeded, Scott grabbed the blasted book and made his way back down to the floor clumsily, happy to be on solid ground.

Scott opened the book and was flipping through the pages as his beginner Spellwork class entered the room. They all seemed to be on time, however he left the door open in case any stragglers came along.

"Alright," Scott began with his usual greeting word. He was often made fun of for starting off every sentence or class with alright, but whatever, "Today, we'll learn the unlocking charm, also known as the Theif's Friend." Scott flicked his wand, and a piece of chalk began writing notes on the blackboard. It read,

Alohomora : Flick in a counterclockwise circle : Point at lock : Wait

The instructions were fairly straightforward.

Scott waved his wand again, and several locks appeared on various objects around the room; cabinets, chests, doors -- pretty much anything that could be opened and closed. "Get into groups of up to four or five students, and pick out a lock in the room to get started on. If your spell does not work the first time, please keep trying. It's a difficult spell to grasp, but hopefully you'll be able to get the hang of it by the end of class."

And, with that, Scott sat down at his desk and watched the awkward first, second, and third year students begin their work. He sighed and spotted a few familiar faces, though he still didn't know everyone's names yet. He knew a few students, like that Aquila girl... what was it...

Alright, maybe he didn't know names. But he was working on it.

OOC: Welcome to Spellwork, firsties, and welcome back second and third years :) I hope you all enjoy this lesson, I can't think of many ways you can get into trouble with this, but if you should find a way, please don't make anything too dramatic, like you unlock a chest and dementors come flying out to suck everyone's souls out. That would, most definitely, suck (no pun intended, but that was a happy coincidence(: ) Enjoy the lesson! All site rules apply, and let Scott know if you need help getting the hang of the spell.

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