Substitute Professor Rosetta Blackburn
Ice ice baby [Years 1-3]
Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:48

Rosetta Blackburn, Beater for the Four Corners Chupacabras, stepped into her and Anders’ narrow closet. “What do you wear,” she said, trying to see if she had pants that weren’t jeans, “for a publicity stunt teaching at your alma mater?”

Anders had already gone to work, so the twenty-two-year-old chose a white blouse (yes, she did own blouses, thank you very much. Granted, it was a blouse she’d had to wear for a photoshoot for the team, but still. She’d posed leaning on her broom and holding her bat over her shoulder like some kind of bindle. It’d made a good poster). As it turned out, she only owned a gray pair of dress pants, which she hated, so Rosetta grabbed a dark pair of jeans which were minimally ripped. She used a severing charm to cut the frayed bits off the hems, and paired the outfit with a pair of black converses. As an afterthought, the blonde used a spell to add brown eyeliner.

And my god would it ruin my reputation if anyone knew I spent this much time planning my outfit. But on the other hand, she hated having a stylist to dress her, so this was easier. She didn’t like tabloids complaining about what she looked like. The social aspect of playing professional Quidditch was by far the worst part of her job. Was it too much to ask to hit Bludgers in peace and be left alone by the media?

Not that there weren’t any perks. She had an endorsement deal with a handle polish company, so free stock kept her top-of-the-line broom nice and shiny. Her manager was in negotiations with some candy companies for a similar deal; Rosetta was really hoping for a lifetime supply of exploding bonbons or pepper imps.

Anyway: to the matter at hand. Rosetta arrived at RMI with her favorite photographer, Baobao Ling, and her publicist, Tabatha Glass. “I feel like I should Disillusion you guys so you don’t distract the kids,” Rosetta said, leading the way to the Spellwork classroom. “Just, like, don’t be obnoxious, okay?”

She wrote her name, the spell, and a quick doodle of her wand movement on the blackboard. When it looked like there were enough students (she didn’t bother checking the time or the attendance), Rosetta started the lesson. “Hey, I’m Rosetta Blackburn, I graduated from here a few years ago. Some of you second and third years might remember my little sister, Ika; she graduated last year.” Rosetta indicated Ika’s height with a hand. “About yea tall, blonde, peppy all the time? She was the mascot for Draco, twirled a baton…

Anyway, today we’ll be learning the freezing spell, glacius.” She demonstrated, casting the spell on one of the room’s candles and turning the flame to ice. Rosetta had seen this movie where one of the characters could conjure ice and snow out of their hands, and it had been awesome. A little research had shown that the spell for this was definitely easy enough for eleven- to fourteen-year-olds to try, so she’d practiced freezing the shower water (Anders had not liked that) and waves at the beach in anticipation of substituting this lesson. “As you can see, each desk has a glass of water with a rose in it.” The rose was for poetic reasons. “Try to freeze these things with the spell. One of you do the water and one of you do the rose. If the water turns to ice, you win. If the rose shatters when you drop it on the ground, you win. Whoever finishes first in each pair gets extra candy.” She had a bag of Ice Mice on the front desk.

“Oh, and just ignore the dude with the camera and the lady with the clipboard, they’re with me. You can talk to them if you want, but if they’re bothering you, just say, I dunno, ‘stranger danger!’ or something and I’ll take care of it.” Baobao had to get permission to take pictures of the kids, and Tabatha needed permission to talk to them, but Rosetta figured it would be fine. They just needed some photos of Rosetta lecturing (which she was pretty sure Baobao had already taken) and maybe one of the kids saying how cool (pun intended) the class was, and she was good to go.

[OOC: You know the drill by now! Please do not freeze your partners. You can write for Baobao and Tabatha, but they’re pretty nice people, so they won’t bother your students too much. Tag Rosetta if you need anything. As always, site rules apply, and put your house after your name like so: Rosetta Blackburn [Aquila]. Happy posting!]

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