Substitute Adisynne Leppit
I like to move it, move it! [Fourth and fifth years]
Thu Sep 18, 2014 22:38

Honestly, Addi wasn’t all that crazy about subbing, but as an RMI employee who didn’t actually teach a class, she was kind of an obvious choice to sub when she was available. RMI had been very good to her about her other obligations (Tycho, her second job, etc), but sometimes she just had to go the extra mile and step in front of a classroom full of kids.

Which was whatever, really. It was nothing compared to performances, right? Addi had mostly fought off stage fright, its only ounce of strength in a minor surge before the curtains opened, so this would be nothing. Plus, she had subbed before, albeit usually for beginning level classes. This was her first intermediate level, but again, whatever.

So a bunch of fourteen and fifteen year olds filled in slowly, and the strawberry blonde couldn’t help but recall her own teenage years. God, was she a brat. In fact, she was pretty sure that it was her fourth year when Garen left, and then that whole Abby thing, and then Paul-...

Well, it was a hard time, to say the least.

“Sup kiddos?” beamed the twenty-one year old. She didn’t bother introduce herself because she was pretty sure these kids knew her by now; they had been students with her, and if they hadn’t known her then, she’d been around the entire time since. So, yeah, Addi couldn’t help but picture herself familiar.

“Today we’re gonna do some cool stuff,” Adisynne continued. “Does everybody know the spell Piertotum Locomotor? No? Well then!” She didn’t know how to do that cool thing to make the chalk write for her as she spoke, so spun on heels to face the board and manually transcribed the incantation. “Can you guys figure that out based on how I said it?” she added over her shoulder. “I don’t want to write the pronunciation. It’s pretty phonetic.”

“Okay, so that’s the spell. Now, you’ll notice some cool stuff on your desks.” Some people had stuffed animals, others had building blocks, and one special person even had a small toy train. (Okay, so the “cool stuff” was actually Tycho’s toys. Whatever, that was what Addi had around!) On her super cool professor desk was a plush worm with glasses (“It’s a bookworm!” “Quit nerd-ing my son, Andy!”), and she now aimed her wand at it. “Check it out. Piertotum Locomotor!”

The worm began to inch in the direction Addi’s wand directed. “Behold! Animation! It’ll keep following my wand until I get super good. Then I can stop using my wand and keep guiding it mentally. But if you aren’t super good, you’ll want to keep using your wand. Otherwise it’ll just stop moving. That make sense?”

“Awesome,” she said after addressing any concerns that may have arisen. “Go play with those toys. Make them move!” With that, the Lyra alumna plopped herself in the super cool professor chair at the super cool professor desk, letting her concentration break so that the worm toy would stop moving. “I’ll be here,” she added lazily with a dismissive wave of the hand. There was, as far as she could tell, no way this could end up dangerous, so she didn’t feel entirely inclined to pay much attention to them. If they needed her, they could come get her.

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