Cayden Bloom [Cetus]
Wakey wakey! *pokes*
Tue Mar 5, 2013 11:35

Magnets. Cayden had minimal experience with the Muggle item. She had used them once to pinch Dach’s nose together, but otherwise the girl hadn’t had any need to use them. Nor did she really know what they were used for. It was the same with compasses. She knew nothing. So when Professor Ward began explaining what the items were all about, Cayden eagerly copied down each significant fact into the notes she already had on the topic.

Even though she had most of it written down already, the Cetus rewrote what she already knew, adding some facts she had learned from the books in the library. The girl was willing to learn about everything, especially in this class. She had found it to be one of the most useful. She had already used the glowing rock that they had learned about in the first few weeks of class. The light had come in quite handy down in the Secret Passageways.

With a snapping noise, the tip of Cayden’s quill broke and she let out a murmured oath. The Cetus set down the broken quill on the desk in front of her. She sighed and leaned over, rummaging around in her bag to find a new quill among all those with broken tips. She managed to break more writing utensils than she could count. She grasped one in her fingers and began to pull herself back into a sitting position when she almost slammed her head into the person next to her. The other person, a girl, hadn’t noticed. Cayden shrugged and turned back to her own work.

Although she wasn’t sure how this would eventually be helpful for her in the end, Cayden fiddled with her magnet and compass. The Ceti jerked her head up when she heard a thud. She looked over at the girl she had nearly head-butted. She looked like she was falling asleep, but she hadn’t been the source of the noise. No, it had been another girl several seats away who must have actually fallen asleep. The thudding, Cayden assumed, must have been her head hitting the desk as the older girl was rubbing her head. A voice from next to her brought the first year’s attention back to the tired girl beside her. What was it with people and being tired? Didn’t they get enough sleep? Probably not, but that wasn’t Cayden’s problem.

“Sure,” she said in response to the girl’s question “So I guess we have to magnetize the needle right? Run the magnet over it in the same direction a bunch of times…”

  • ZzzzzzzYelena York II {Aquila}, Tue Mar 5 05:30
    Although it was only the middle of the afternoon, and she'd had pleasant dreams the night before, Lena was already in danger of falling asleep, forced to keep pinching herself, sinking nails into the ... more
    • Wakey wakey! *pokes* — Cayden Bloom [Cetus], Tue Mar 5 11:35
      • Thanks, I needed that!Lena, Thu Mar 7 05:06
        "Magnetize the needle." Lena repeated, forcing that through the thick fog settled in her mind, wedging it between multimillion braincells and shoving down until it permanently stuck. "Yes, exactly."... more
        • Anytime!Cayden, Tue Mar 12 10:32
          Cayden nodded in response to Lena’s thanks. Despite the fact that this lesson could be easily done without a partner, it was still nice to have some to compare results with. Even the company was nice ... more
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