Mason Peterson [Draco]
Can you feel the attraction?
Tue Mar 5, 2013 23:20

Mason was not generally excited for Magical Sciences. The class was never something overly exciting like Defense Against the Dark Arts. Magical Sciences tended to just be there. It wasn't ever something that really kept him on his toes. So it was no surprise that as he made his way through the hallways on this rather dull day that he was thinking about many other things. Most of the thoughts in his brain revolved around a certain person and if she was going to be in class. The twelve-year old tried not to think too much about her because he found that if he thought about her too much he wasn't able to focus on the more important things. Like classes.

He arrived at the classroom and chose a seat close to the middle because he didn't like being so close that the professor was in your face, but he didn't want to look like a slacker. The middle also allowed him to become another face in the crowd; someone that wouldn't be easily noticed. He took out his notebook and set his wand down beside it and grabbed a pen from his pocket. He tapped his pen on his desk as he waited for Professor Rosse to start the lesson.

Today's lesson looked like it was going to be a continuation of magnets. The brown-haired boy was not fond of the ongoing lessons they had been talking about so he tried to do his best to take notes that would be concise and helpful later on when he was looking at them. His eyes generally drifted around the room searching for Effy but he did his best to keep his focus on the man dressed in the weird robes with fish on them. Professor Rosse had an eccentric taste in clothing, but for the most part the Magical Sciences professor was one of Mason's favorites. He was always in a somewhat peppy mood and generally seemed to like the subject he taught.

When the time came to make their own magnets he decided he would wait for the rush of people to subside before he got up and took his own magnets. As he made his way back to his desk and stared at the pieces he had in his hand. He wasn't sure how long this was supposed to take or if it was supposed to be difficult, so he just decided to give it a try. He set his needle and magnet down on the desk and began running the magnet over the needle. The brown-eyed boy wasn't sure how many times he was supposed to do this so he did it a few times and then set it in his dish. He remembered that the professor had mentioned something about having to use a spell to make the needle hover, but he couldn't remember the spell so he just went to the front and used the water.

Once he returned to his desk he set his dish down and realized he had no idea how to test his compass or whatever the heck he had just made. He turned to the person next to him and asked, "Hey do you know how we're supposed to test which way is north and such? I have no idea which direction we're currently pointing and I don't know the directions of this room." He gave them a confused smile and shrugged his shoulders a bit. He hoped they have some sort of information because he had none whatsoever.

  • Magnets! [Years 1, 2, and 3]Prof. Ward Rosse, Mon Mar 4 21:20
    “Good afternoon, everyone,” Professor Ward Rosse said, looking up from his copy of He Flew Like A Madman . The thirty-something-ish man slipped the book back into a desk drawer before standing up to... more
    • When will the poles switch again, I wonder?Aukley Justesen {Lyra}, Sun Mar 10 14:38
      Sometimes, Aukley really, really missed normal people, especially when she looked at Professor Rosse's outfits, and today's had her facepalming. His fishy cloak reminded her of the shower curtain... more
      • Approximately 13,500 yearsAnjali Soren, Tue Mar 19 23:07
        Anjali stared at the professor, eyes wide with frustration, just as they had been the week before (And the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and – You get the... more
    • Don't mind me, I'm just feeling sorry for myself.Charline Adler (Lyra), Wed Mar 6 16:24
      Change was rarely good and Charline didn’t approve of it. Sometimes too much change could even be disastrous. She felt like she had reached a period in her life where everything was changing. While... more
      • Don't feel sorry for yourself, feel sorry for meEmma O'Malley {Draco}, Fri Mar 8 19:13
        Emma walked into Magical Sciences with a bit of a spring in her step. Where her first semester at RMI had been confusing and frightening, she now felt that she was getting the hang of the magical... more
        • I'd prefer not to waste my sympathy on youCharline, Mon Mar 11 16:00
          “What are you stupid or something?” she snapped. Charline had many reasons for thinking so. Firstly the child was a first year and all first years were stupid and immature. Secondly how could the... more
          • No act of sympathy is ever wastedEmma, Tue Mar 12 20:31
            Emma stared back at the older girl. She had never imagined anyone could be so rude . Didn’t the girl’s mother teach her how to talk to people? If there was one thing Emma couldn’t stand it was... more
            • Not on me but the same cannot be said for you.Charline, Wed Mar 13 16:45
              There was nothing wrong with the way the first year had spoken to her. Not exactly. Yet there was something about it all that bothered Charline. Perhaps it was merely the fact that the child had... more
              • Not for you either, I daresayAnonymous, Wed Mar 13 20:14
                By now Emma had no doubt whatsoever that this girl was nothing more than a conceited, prejudiced… pufferfish , as her mother would call people who thought themselves far above the rest of the world.... more
    • Can you feel the attraction? — Mason Peterson [Draco], Tue Mar 5 23:20
      • To this lesson? Not really.Melinda Brogren,Lyra, Sun Mar 10 05:01
        Melinda did not enjoy Magical Sciences. Really, she didn't enjoy classes in general. She would never need most of them. The Lyra didn't need DADA because when she was rich and famous, she'd hire body ... more
    • Magnets are rubbish.Serenity Locke [Lyra], Tue Mar 5 10:44
      Yawning, Serenity jotted down notes for the lessons. The half-blood had no interest in magnets most certainly not in what this ridiculous teacher had to teach. Compasses were boring and she didn’t... more
      • Where's your positive attitude?Reece Campbell (Draco), Wed Mar 6 15:24
        The Enemy was gone . Ordinarily this would have been absolutely fantastic news. Logically, if the leader was gone, then all his minions should be gone too, the entire operation abandoned, the cells... more
        • Who's to say I ever had one?Serenity, Wed Mar 6 20:59
          The first thing Serenity heard was the raspy breathing, and then the rough, distorted voice of the boy next to her. A thought popped into her head before she turned to look at her neighbor. She... more
          • He didn’t understand what she meant by ‘corker’ (what wine bottles had to do with this, he didn’t have a clue) but her enthusiasm was unmistakeable, and he nodded along cheerfully. Quite immediately, ... more
            • But, do you really have one?Serenity, Fri Mar 8 17:33
              “Oh, that’s too bad; I didn’t realize that people could just transfer here. Did you come from... another school?” Serenity didn’t see how that was too bad, unless of course there was something about... more
              • Serenity confirmed that she had, indeed, come from another school, and he accepted this new knowledge, memorizing the name of the Australian school and filing it away under the section of his brain... more
                • Then why should I have one?Serenity, Tue Mar 12 21:02
                  Serenity snorted softly. Reece didn’t understand. But of course he wouldn’t. All the magic loving children around them were happily making magnets and casting Point Me spells. She turned to look him... more
                  • ...Have you checked under your bed lately?Reece, Thu Mar 14 18:42
                    Serenity’s answer was entirely unsatisfactory. Many things? “Well, fine then.” He gave her a look that was somewhere between amused and exasperated and returned to the supplies on his desk, picking... more
    • ZzzzzzzYelena York II {Aquila}, Tue Mar 5 05:30
      Although it was only the middle of the afternoon, and she'd had pleasant dreams the night before, Lena was already in danger of falling asleep, forced to keep pinching herself, sinking nails into the ... more
      • Wakey wakey! *pokes*Cayden Bloom [Cetus], Tue Mar 5 11:35
        Magnets. Cayden had minimal experience with the Muggle item. She had used them once to pinch Dach’s nose together, but otherwise the girl hadn’t had any need to use them. Nor did she really know what ... more
        • Thanks, I needed that!Lena, Thu Mar 7 05:06
          "Magnetize the needle." Lena repeated, forcing that through the thick fog settled in her mind, wedging it between multimillion braincells and shoving down until it permanently stuck. "Yes, exactly."... more
          • Anytime!Cayden, Tue Mar 12 10:32
            Cayden nodded in response to Lena’s thanks. Despite the fact that this lesson could be easily done without a partner, it was still nice to have some to compare results with. Even the company was nice ... more
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