Reece Campbell (Draco)
Where's your positive attitude?
Wed Mar 6, 2013 15:24

The Enemy was gone.

Ordinarily this would have been absolutely fantastic news. Logically, if the leader was gone, then all his minions should be gone too, the entire operation abandoned, the cells unlocked and the prisoners released. Logically, if The Enemy was gone, then it meant that Reece no longer had to waste away in his lair under the influence of a breed of hallucinogenic particles that was yet to be determined. Instead, he could finally go home to his family and his school and his life. He could be free!

However, not only was The Enemy gone, but he had gotten a replacement. A new Enemy. This was undesirable for a number of reasons, not least of which was the fact that Reece had absolutely no idea who this New Enemy was. He didn’t know how The New Enemy was going to operate RMI. It might be better, or it might be worse, or there might be no noticeable difference at all, which he though would actually be even more disconcerting than worsened conditions, because then he’d be left constantly looking over his shoulder and wondering what sort of trick The New Enemy was trying to pull. In recognition of the unknown menace, Reece had taken to developing a more wary lifestyle, avoiding main halls in favour of sneaking through the farthest corridors, eating his meals sitting on the floor instead of at the table, and otherwise participating in various spy-like activities that he hoped would allow him to betters eavesdrop on The New Enemy and figure out what the man’s strategy was. So far, he hadn’t learned anything particularly important, but he still kept a careful record of everything he overheard, and he was certain that in time he would have accumulated enough information to deduce the man’s real purpose here.

The New Enemy was a sudden threat, an angle that simply begged to be examined, but Reece already had other experiments going on right now that needed his attention a bit more. Some of them could only be truly tested in the context of the ‘magic classes’ they were required to attend, and so, for once, the Scottish boy had actually been making an effort to go to class lately. Every day there were a multitude of new hallucinations present, every single bloody day, and he had wanted to skip class just so that he didn’t have to see any of it, but he forced himself to stay in his desk, diligently taking notes on his experiences. The presence of hallucinations was his controlled variable, after all. Today, however, he was finally breaking out the special package that had been shipped to him over Midterm, and if all went as expected, he would not be seeing any more hallucinations.

Reece grinned at himself in the mirror, long fingers fidgeting with the mask , making sure that it was fastened snugly. The ends of his shaggy black hair stuck out at all angles from underneath it, and paired with the glass eyepieces that magnified his unblinking eyes, he thought the overall effect made him look rather fearsome. The hallucinogenic particles were not located in their food or water; it was not in the cleaning solutions used to wash the bedsheets or any of their other clothes; it was also presumably not in the cleaning solutions used on the carpet (although he hadn’t directly tested that, having been unable to find a suitable time to cut up the carpet in his dorm and see if it made a difference); and what did that leave? Air, of course. He had ordered this mask from a military store in America, and had eagerly opened it upon its arrival, studying the filters with rapt fascination and testing them out with whatever household items he had been able to pull together. According to his previous experiments, the hallucinogenic particles were most likely chemicals, but this mask would also filter out things like toxins and bacteria and dusts and other things that he might not have considered previously, so he was very confident that it would work.

He glanced at the clock in his dorm and, realizing that he was late for class, Reece grabbed his knapsack and slung it over one shoulder. This was more out of habit than anything else, as the whole concept of ‘Magical Science’ was totally ridiculous and offended him enough that he felt no need to take notes or read the textbook or do any work for it, really. Science was a noble pursuit, and Magic was a child’s fantasy, a stupid notion that had absolutely no right being held within range of such masterminds as Newton and Einstein and the Wright brothers. Having been running races for a long time now, the tall boy was able to easily leap down the stairs, wind through halls and dart around various clumps of people. He could move very quickly when he wanted to, and the movements were nearly effortless, so that by the time he had arrived outside the classroom he still felt hardly winded.

Pulling up the grey hood of his oversized hoodie so that it left his face mask mostly in shadow, Reece lightly prodded the door open and slipped between the rows of desks into an empty seat. His attempt at a subtle entrance may have gone better if it wasn't for the way that the mask heavily amplified his breathing. It sounded like Darth Vader was trying to sneak into the classroom unnoticed. Which would’ve totally worked if he really was Darth Vader, the boy rationalized mentally. Darth Vader could just use a Jedi mind trick to dissuade any unwanted attention, or even create a minor Force Illusion to make it seem like he wasn’t actually there. Thinking about Star Wars made Reece feel slightly homesick – while talking with his little sister over Midterm, he had learned that she had gone as Princess Leia for Halloween, although she had then spent the remainder of their conversation complaining about how her braids kept coming undone and the sleeves of her dress were too long and Nealan wouldn’t even agree to go trick-or-treating with her dressed as Luke, and wasn’t that just terribly mean of him? Reece had agreed with her quite seriously that it was mean, and promised that when he came home, he would help fix her costume and even dress up as Luke with her just for fun.

He had only really caught a few words out of the lecture, so once they had been released to work he watched the other students instead, and soon caught on to what they were supposed to be doing. He remembered doing things like this in primary school. The girl sitting next to him seemed entirely unexcited for it, questioning him on whether he found it interesting, and he promptly responded, his voice muffled and distorted from the mask. "Aye, the concept is interesting, but magnetizing needles is pretty basic. Now, if we were learning about electromagnetic pulse grenades, well, that’d be brilliant," he continued on thoughtfully, his mind still locked on to images of starships and droid armies. Shaking his head slightly to clear it of Star Wars, he peered at the girl through his thick glass eyepieces, noting that firstly he didn’t recognize her and secondly she was kind of pretty, although in a very tired, casual sort of way, nothing compared to proper Charline or his glorious Warrior Addi. "Sorry, have we met before?”

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    • Where's your positive attitude? — Reece Campbell (Draco), Wed Mar 6 15:24
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