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Thu Mar 7, 2013 05:06

"Magnetize the needle." Lena repeated, forcing that through the thick fog settled in her mind, wedging it between multimillion braincells and shoving down until it permanently stuck. "Yes, exactly." Okay, so that did not sound like it required a partnership, and Lena felt a rush of both slight humiliation (What completely inept fool couldn't do that on their own, or worse, someone capable but simply lazy?) and pleasant gratitude that her classmate agreed so easily to the arrangement. Lena tried to recall the girl's name, but outside of roll call she wouldn't have heard it.

"I'll just..." Lena glanced around to see most of the students had in their possession magnets and needles. "hurry up and get my materials too." She slid carefully out her seat, brushing down imaginary creases in her robes (a thoughtless habit she'd picked up from her mother) and made her way down the rows of chairs and tables towards Rosse's desk where the materials were laid out. I wonder what the point of this is for. Did he say?

She could not fathom why she would ever need to construct a magnet. She could always either buy one, or use the Point Me charm. During the quick walk towards the front of the classroom and back again she tried constructing an unlikely scenario. Perhaps my... wand snapped. And so I have no magic. And I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps a jungle... ugh, no, the humidity would kill my hair. Maybe just a nice mountain, with a refreshing breeze. As I'm climbing down to get to civilization... or, no I'm escaping a group of bandits, and have to scale up the mountain to get to safety. My wand slips out from my pockets and falls down below, the wood splintering upon the pointy tip of a jagged rock. When I finally make it to the other side of the mountain, I have to make my way north. Luckily... I have a needle and magnet with me so I construct a compass and then make my way north.

Satisfied, Lena lost her skepticism about the purpose of the day's lesson just in time to settle back into her seat, angling her body to face her partner's. "I'm Yelena York II," She smiled, the combination of walk and cool waterfall feeling rushing down her back making her briefly feel refreshed. "but most people call me Lena. Thank you for working with me, it's just that," Her english accent softened into Portuguese and Spanish, humbled gratitude reflecting the change in her tone. "it's a little hard for me to focus today."

She held the magnet and positioned it over one tip of the needle, incorrectly brushing the magnet over the entire length of the needle's body while she continued to talk and smile at her partner. "Usually I think I'm very good at class," She insisted, somewhat earnestly. "it's only today that I'm a little off."

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    Magnets. Cayden had minimal experience with the Muggle item. She had used them once to pinch Dachís nose together, but otherwise the girl hadnít had any need to use them. Nor did she really know what ... more
    • Thanks, I needed that! — Lena, Thu Mar 7 05:06
      • Anytime!Cayden, Tue Mar 12 10:32
        Cayden nodded in response to Lenaís thanks. Despite the fact that this lesson could be easily done without a partner, it was still nice to have some to compare results with. Even the company was nice ... more
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