If I can have one, then surely you do too!
Fri Mar 8, 2013 12:22

He didn’t understand what she meant by ‘corker’ (what wine bottles had to do with this, he didn’t have a clue) but her enthusiasm was unmistakeable, and he nodded along cheerfully. Quite immediately, he stopped, evaluating and re-evaluating his thought processes. ‘Cheerful?’ Huh, weirdly enough, that actually seemed like a moderately accurate description of how he was feeling right now. Still mildly homesick, still wary, still deeply suspicious of their mad scientist professor, especially the fact that his reptile didn’t seem to be in the room because that was just wrong. What was Iguana Man without his iguana? And where was the iguana in the first place? Probably scrambling around the school and up to no good. He hoped that the iguana wasn’t able to get into their dormitories. He had small tripwires set up around his bunk like always, but a lizard would probably be able to climb the wall to get around them, and once the creature had gotten onto his bunk, who knew what it might do. It could break into his suitcase, it could destroy his food stash, it could eat his books –

But enough of that sidetalk, Reece reprimanded himself firmly. Back to the matter at hand. He felt the same way he usually did, and yet he also felt genuinely cheerful. The presence of the gas mask really had improved his mood. It was like a protective shield, not only in the literal sense as it protected him from whatever hallucinogenic particles were being used, but also in the metaphorical sense, hiding him from The Enemy and The New Enemy, keeping him at arm’s length and away from their conscious awareness. Perhaps, now that he had this mask, he would be able to truly begin making efforts to escape from RMI. That was definitely a cheering thought.

Of course, his newfound cheerfulness was probably also boosted by the fact that the girl’s expression indicated she had recognized his reference to Star Wars. Finally, another person who understood simple pop culture! All of the other students here seemed so completely out of it, some of them prancing around in suits and dresses acting like royalty, and the others jumping around like loud overexcited animals, and then a few oddballs who actually seemed decent enough but then, when spoken to, revealed that they were as brainless as the rest, only a little bit more adept at hiding it. By now, he knew better than to consider anyone with the expectation that they had retained a sense of normality. Reece didn’t like to think of himself as the sort of person who automatically thought the worst of people, but in his current situation, he felt that this approach was justified and entirely sensible. What was the point in getting his hopes up?

The girl Serenity told him that she had just transferred to RMI, and the tall boy blinked at her in surprise, the quick action magnified by his eyepieces. “Oh, that’s too bad,” he said, genuinely sympathetic. “I didn’t realize that people could just transfer here. Did you come from... another school?” What he really wanted to ask, of course, was ‘Were you just kidnapped this year?’, because the idea of someone being transferred in was unexpected. He had only ever thought that The Enemy kidnapped young children, as they would be the most easily swayed by the man’s claims of magic. Either Serenity had only just been kidnapped and was here straight out of her normal life (he peered at her intently, as if thinking that he could read some sign of the outside world on her) which was strange because it meant that The Enemy’s indoctrination process must be even more effective than he had originally estimated if the man was able to indoctrinate older kids too, or Serenity had been kidnapped at a young age like the rest of them but in another place and was only now being moved under The Enemy’s eye.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Serenity. I’m Reece, Reece Campbell.” Rather than offering her his hand to shake, as might have been considered more polite, he merely got to his feet. “I’m gonna get the supplies, you want me to pick up a set for you?” He didn’t really stick around long for an answer, merely pausing a second to see if she responded and then proceeding to Iguana Man’s desk either way – he was offering to get her supplies for their class exercise and there was no reason he could see that she would refuse his assistance; if for some reason she turned out to be one of those feminist sorts who hated guys helping them, then he’d just end up having two sets of supplies to work with, and maybe he could nick the extra needle for his next Herbology class. That would come in handy. Returning to where she was seated, he sat down in his chair, one long arm stretching across to offer her a needle, magnet, and dish. “There y’go.”

  • Who's to say I ever had one?Serenity, Wed Mar 6 20:59
    The first thing Serenity heard was the raspy breathing, and then the rough, distorted voice of the boy next to her. A thought popped into her head before she turned to look at her neighbor. She... more
    • If I can have one, then surely you do too! — Reece, Fri Mar 8 12:22
      • But, do you really have one?Serenity, Fri Mar 8 17:33
        “Oh, that’s too bad; I didn’t realize that people could just transfer here. Did you come from... another school?” Serenity didn’t see how that was too bad, unless of course there was something about... more
        • Serenity confirmed that she had, indeed, come from another school, and he accepted this new knowledge, memorizing the name of the Australian school and filing it away under the section of his brain... more
          • Then why should I have one?Serenity, Tue Mar 12 21:02
            Serenity snorted softly. Reece didn’t understand. But of course he wouldn’t. All the magic loving children around them were happily making magnets and casting Point Me spells. She turned to look him... more
            • ...Have you checked under your bed lately?Reece, Thu Mar 14 18:42
              Serenity’s answer was entirely unsatisfactory. Many things? “Well, fine then.” He gave her a look that was somewhere between amused and exasperated and returned to the supplies on his desk, picking... more
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