But, do you really have one?
Fri Mar 8, 2013 17:33

“Oh, that’s too bad; I didn’t realize that people could just transfer here. Did you come from... another school?”

Serenity didn’t see how that was too bad, unless of course there was something about the school that the new girl was unaware of. She hadn’t really come across anyone who could point out what she should watch out for. She did wonder sometimes why her father actually continued with the ridiculous idea of magic. In fact, Serenity actually hated the fact that she had it, if it was actually real. If there was a such thing as magic, and the thirteen year old actually had it, then she should have been able to save her mother.

But she hadn’t been able to. So her mother had slowly lost her mind in front, causing grief to her husband and daughter. Serenity felt as though she should have been able to do something and therefore, she blamed herself for her mother’s death. That was why the Australian girl thought that everything around her was fake. She should have been able to heal her mother, or her mother should have been able to do so herself. Serenity cleared her throat and shook away the fog that had settled over her mind, searching for an answer to the boy’s question.

“Yeah… I came from the Aboriginal School of Indigenous Magic in Australia.” Serenity said somewhat slowly so she didn’t stumble over the words, adding ‘it’s all just a bunch of rubbish’ under her breath afterward.

Reece, as he introduced himself, stood, indicating that he was going to get supplies. Serenity simply nodded when he asked if she wanted a set although her own personal set was still hidden in her bag, minus the needle which was curled into her fingers. She would have politely said no, but Reece seemed like someone who would do it anyway. She quickly tucked the needle back into the slot with her own compass. By the time she reappeared above the desk, Reece was on his way back. He extended the items towards her and she accepted them with a nod of her head, sighing as she did so.

“You’re right you know… “She said quietly as she set up her work area “The concepts interesting, but an EMP grenade would be much, much more useful in places such as these.”

Maybe if she could get one, or even make one, she could set it off. If the "magic" stopped - no - when the "magic" stopped she would know. It would prove that she really didn’t have magic and it was all just a fluke. Maybe then she could go live with her dad and help him with the job he had gotten in Colorado. As much as she liked RMI, she wanted to get back to the real world that didn’t involve any of this whackjob magic stuff that she had believed in when she was little.

  • He didn’t understand what she meant by ‘corker’ (what wine bottles had to do with this, he didn’t have a clue) but her enthusiasm was unmistakeable, and he nodded along cheerfully. Quite immediately, ... more
    • But, do you really have one? — Serenity, Fri Mar 8 17:33
      • Serenity confirmed that she had, indeed, come from another school, and he accepted this new knowledge, memorizing the name of the Australian school and filing it away under the section of his brain... more
        • Then why should I have one?Serenity, Tue Mar 12 21:02
          Serenity snorted softly. Reece didn’t understand. But of course he wouldn’t. All the magic loving children around them were happily making magnets and casting Point Me spells. She turned to look him... more
          • ...Have you checked under your bed lately?Reece, Thu Mar 14 18:42
            Serenity’s answer was entirely unsatisfactory. Many things? “Well, fine then.” He gave her a look that was somewhere between amused and exasperated and returned to the supplies on his desk, picking... more
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