Melinda Brogren,Lyra
To this lesson? Not really.
Sun Mar 10, 2013 05:01

Melinda did not enjoy Magical Sciences. Really, she didn't enjoy classes in general. She would never need most of them. The Lyra didn't need DADA because when she was rich and famous, she'd hire body guards and she didn't need Potions because she would buy any that she needed rather than make them. Melinda would be able to hire gardeners to take care of her plants, if she wanted plants, so no need for Herbology, besides, the second year hated getting dirt under her nails. Though she probably wouldn't have a place for a garden, because she'd probably live in New York City. She'd hire a whole staff or maybe get house-elves. She'd always wanted one-or several-of those.

And Magical Science was really boring . She would need this class even less than she would any other. Science, which was apparently some muggle thing, of any sort would neither be relevent to Melinda's future career nor help her become a more accomplished adequate witch. Potions and DADA were relevent to that, but she just didn't like them much. As for this class, well, the Lyra wouldn't even have to hire anyone to do it for her because it wasn't needed. She needed someone to do Divinations for her more than she needed that.

She heard Professor Rosse mention magnets again and yawned. Why in Merlin's name did anyone need to know about them? And what use would Melinda ever have for a compass? She was not the adventurous sort, who would get lost. Adventures and exploring messed up one's hair and clothes. Even if she ever did get lost, she could just use Point Me. Plus, one would look weird walking around a mall-or New York City-carrying a compass and as much as Melinda liked to be the center of attention, she didn't want people thinking she was strange.

Speaking of which, her eyes were drawn towards one of her classmates, Reece Campbell. Not because she found him particularly attractive or anything but she just couldn't believe what he was wearing! Why would he even think to wear that? One had to be well-dressed to have people think well of them and while it was bad enough to dress like a slob-like Tucker-dressing like a freak was even worse. What the Draco needed was a makeover in the worst way possible. Melinda needed to grab Riley Finn, and they needed to team up and help this strange boy who was doing nothing but humiliating himself.Reece looked like a giant insect. Gross.

Her attention was diverted when Mason Peterson spoke to her. She didn't know him well, he was not really the sort that attracted all that much attention, aside from being on the Draco Quidditch team, but at least he didn't attract negative attention and appeared to be fairly normal. At least as far as Melinda could see. Still, she could see no harm in getting to know him. "Not really." The Lyra admitted. She couldn't see why anyone would even think about that. Oh, she understood why Mason would within the content of the lesson but otherwise, she couldn't see why anyone would care.

  • Can you feel the attraction?Mason Peterson [Draco], Tue Mar 5 23:20
    Mason was not generally excited for Magical Sciences. The class was never something overly exciting like Defense Against the Dark Arts. Magical Sciences tended to just be there. It wasn't ever... more
    • To this lesson? Not really. — Melinda Brogren,Lyra, Sun Mar 10 05:01
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