Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:32

Cayden nodded in response to Lena’s thanks. Despite the fact that this lesson could be easily done without a partner, it was still nice to have some to compare results with. Even the company was nice sometimes. Lena had gotten her own supplies and so Cayden began magnetizing her own needle. She hummed a little before turning back to Lena.

“I understand that,” she said, still busying herself with work. “This lesson is rather dull; it’s easy to lose focus. I’m Cayden by the way.”

Most people were normally good at class, but when a topic was boring, or someone was tired, it wasn’t hard to zone out. Cayden was only awake and eager to learn because she wanted to see if this lesson could help her in whatever adventure she would find next. After all, the glowing rock had helped her out in the passageways. Given, she had scared someone with her supposedly drowned appearance, but nonetheless she had made a friend out of it. At least, she thought she did.

Deciding her needle was magnetized enough; Cayden tried casting the hover charm on the needle. Its first result was to hover there uselessly and the Cetus wondered if she had completely messed up the lesson. Just as she was about to ask for help, her needle started spinning madly. Cayden smiled, thinking that maybe she hadn’t messed up, but when the needle continued spinning pointlessly, the smile fell.

Cayden’s entire positive demeanor faltered. She quickly grabbed the needle out of the air and situated a dish of water in front of her. Maybe the water would work better. The young girl set the needle afloat on the liquid’s surface. She watched as the water rippled away from the impact of the needle, the small rings fading away as they neared the edge of the dish. The needle slowly swung around a few times before continuing just as it had in the air.

The eleven year old sighed and tugged her needle out of the water. She tried thinking of all the reasons that she wasn’t completing the task, coming to the conclusion that just maybe her needle wasn’t magnetized correctly. She dried the object off quickly and grabbed her magnet. She wasn’t sure whether Lena had seen her failed attempts or not, but her cheeks heated up anyway. She cleared her throat, the blush still evident on her face.

“Guess I’m having some trouble with it too,” she said, a nervous laugh accompanying her words “I suppose my needle wasn’t magnetized right.”

  • Thanks, I needed that!Lena, Thu Mar 7 05:06
    "Magnetize the needle." Lena repeated, forcing that through the thick fog settled in her mind, wedging it between multimillion braincells and shoving down until it permanently stuck. "Yes, exactly."... more
    • Anytime! — Cayden, Tue Mar 12 10:32
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