No act of sympathy is ever wasted
Tue Mar 12, 2013 20:31

Emma stared back at the older girl. She had never imagined anyone could be so rude. Didn’t the girl’s mother teach her how to talk to people? If there was one thing Emma couldn’t stand it was rudeness and arrogance. Bigotry as well, but she had not yet seen any evidence of that in this girl—not that she didn’t fully expect to. In her short time in the magical world, she had learned that there were those who looked down on muggles and those with muggle blood, even if the whole notion was completely ridiculous.

Emma took a moment to try to compose herself before responding. It wouldn’t do her any good to lose her temper with this girl. She needed help with the Hover Charm and getting angry and snapping at the girl wasn’t a way to do so. Being kind went a long way in convincing people to help you. Her father had taught that to her when she was a young child. If you helped someone, they were more likely to help you. If you were kind to someone, they would likely be kind to you in return. Kindness, Esmée, kindness is the key, she could hear her father say.

“Of course I wish to improve,” she said reasonably, not quite keeping herself from sounding defensive. “I have tried, and because the Professor told us to ask another student if we needed help, I asked you.” Now could you please deflate your head a bit and help me already? she added in her head.

  • I'd prefer not to waste my sympathy on youCharline, Mon Mar 11 16:00
    “What are you stupid or something?” she snapped. Charline had many reasons for thinking so. Firstly the child was a first year and all first years were stupid and immature. Secondly how could the... more
    • No act of sympathy is ever wasted — Emma, Tue Mar 12 20:31
      • Not on me but the same cannot be said for you.Charline, Wed Mar 13 16:45
        There was nothing wrong with the way the first year had spoken to her. Not exactly. Yet there was something about it all that bothered Charline. Perhaps it was merely the fact that the child had... more
        • Not for you either, I daresayAnonymous, Wed Mar 13 20:14
          By now Emma had no doubt whatsoever that this girl was nothing more than a conceited, prejudiced… pufferfish , as her mother would call people who thought themselves far above the rest of the world.... more
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