Then why should I have one?
Tue Mar 12, 2013 21:02

Serenity snorted softly. Reece didn’t understand. But of course he wouldn’t. All the magic loving children around them were happily making magnets and casting Point Me spells. She turned to look him dead in the eyes, which she found were almost the same color as her own, even though they were altered due to the mask he was wearing. In response to his question of how they were useful, the Aussie answered with a vague murmur of “many things…”

He wouldn’t understand her plan either, Serenity was sure of it. Why would he? She had never once come into contact with anyone who had thought magic wasn’t real. Even Killian, who had entertained her crazed mindset for some time, had come to scoff at her whenever she would bring it up. So naturally, she had kept to herself, causing the third year to become even less out-spoken than she had been. She hadn’t even brought it up with her father, who had always been too busy to speak with his daughter about her school life.

Whenever Serenity was off for the summer, she was always working with him on the ranch. Handling kangaroos required more concentration than talking. So even during the summer, the reserved Aussie kept her mouth shut, becoming more like her mother every day. Serenity’s mother had always been quiet, most of that had been due to her illness, but even before she was sick she had been quiet. Serenity had taken after her in not only speech patterns, but in looks as well, although she felt her mother had been much prettier. The red hair and the grey eyes had dominated the Lyra’s features, leaving her father’s genes to take on the task of her height and facial shape.

It was this, and the fact that the girl didn’t believe in magic, that caused her to have so few friends. She tried not to voice her opinion that magic wasn’t real. It didn’t always end well for her. As was in this case, Serenity didn’t want anyone to turn around and snap at her because they didn’t like what she had to say. But something about the way Reece leaned in and agreed with her made her pause. Then again, he could just think that the school and professors were rubbish. Serenity found that she would take the chance, considering the odd boy was wearing a gasmask and didn’t seem to want anyone to hear that he thought it was rubbish. She leaned in closer to him, glancing around quickly to see if there were any eavesdroppers before lowering her voice to just the point where the other boy could hear it.

“Do you believe in this stuff?” She whispered, still casting glances for anyone who might take interest in the conversation. “This idea of… magic.”

The word rolled off the Lyra’s tongue like poison, causing her to almost sneer as she said it. Magic, what rubbish. All just a fantasy that would one day ruin these kids’ lives when they grew up and found out that it wasn’t real. It made Serenity sad that people did that, ruined people’s lives for their own experiments. If she had her way, the truth would be exposed and with her plans, it soon would be and she could go back to being normal.

  • Serenity confirmed that she had, indeed, come from another school, and he accepted this new knowledge, memorizing the name of the Australian school and filing it away under the section of his brain... more
    • Then why should I have one? — Serenity, Tue Mar 12 21:02
      • ...Have you checked under your bed lately?Reece, Thu Mar 14 18:42
        Serenity’s answer was entirely unsatisfactory. Many things? “Well, fine then.” He gave her a look that was somewhere between amused and exasperated and returned to the supplies on his desk, picking... more
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