Not on me but the same cannot be said for you.
Wed Mar 13, 2013 16:45

There was nothing wrong with the way the first year had spoken to her. Not exactly. Yet there was something about it all that bothered Charline. Perhaps it was merely the fact that the child had stood up to her. Disagreed with her even. Not many people disagreed with her and she never liked it when on the odd occasion someone did.

In the past when other students had disagreed with her Chaline had settled it in a very unladylike manner. She would need to deal with this situation differently. Prove to her Papa that she was mature and well mannered and then maybe he would be proud of her again. No more attacking students like Roydon or threatening to snap quills in half.

Instead she took a deep breath, counted to ten and released the air into the atmosphere again. The problem was that the exercise hadn’t helped her much at all. She still wanted to show the girl who was boss and put her in her rightful place. Why was that such a terrible thing?
All her life she had been told repeatedly that she was better than muggleborns and half bloods No one could treat her with anything but the utmost respect.

Now she knew how Benjamin felt. Being better than everyone else was confusing.

“Look, are you sure you have tried. Really tried? Practice makes perfect. Are you pronouncing it correctly? Moving your wand correctly?” she demanded failing at appearing patient.

If she had tried all these things and was still not succeeding then the girl was beyond help. Despite not knowing the focus of the lesson she went on to say, “This is a very simple lesson. If you can’t do it on your own then how will you cope with more demanding spells? How will you survive in the wizarding world,” she knew she was exaggerating a bit however this knowledge did not stop her from adding solemnly,“you will end up as a squib.”

  • No act of sympathy is ever wastedEmma, Tue Mar 12 20:31
    Emma stared back at the older girl. She had never imagined anyone could be so rude . Didn’t the girl’s mother teach her how to talk to people? If there was one thing Emma couldn’t stand it was... more
    • Not on me but the same cannot be said for you. — Charline, Wed Mar 13 16:45
      • Not for you either, I daresayAnonymous, Wed Mar 13 20:14
        By now Emma had no doubt whatsoever that this girl was nothing more than a conceited, prejudiced… pufferfish , as her mother would call people who thought themselves far above the rest of the world.... more
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