Not for you either, I daresay
Wed Mar 13, 2013 20:14

By now Emma had no doubt whatsoever that this girl was nothing more than a conceited, prejudiced… pufferfish, as her mother would call people who thought themselves far above the rest of the world. Emma wasn’t particularly bothered by the girl’s obvious disdain for her. And she had no clue what a “Squib” was—but she could tell it was supposed to be insulting.

And of course, all that meant Emma couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with her. She might seem quiet and demure at first, but any of her family would tell you that Emma had a sharp tongue when she needed one. She had gotten several letters home when she was young for being cheeky with her teachers or other students. But that was before she perfected the ability to seem all too innocent.

Emma gave the girl her best innocently puzzled look. “Of course I’ve tried all of those things,” she said sweetly. “But I’ve never been that quick to catch onto things”—liar—“and it would really help me to see the spell performed again.” She bit her lip and tried to look scared and nervous. Best to make the older girl think she had her terrified. “Do you think you could… could do it for me? Just so I can see it again?” She worked hard to keep the grin off her face for the last comment: “Unless, of course, it’s too hard for you too…”

  • Not on me but the same cannot be said for you.Charline, Wed Mar 13 16:45
    There was nothing wrong with the way the first year had spoken to her. Not exactly. Yet there was something about it all that bothered Charline. Perhaps it was merely the fact that the child had... more
    • Not for you either, I daresay — Anonymous, Wed Mar 13 20:14
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