OOC: Ooops, name got left out! (nm)
Thu Mar 14, 2013 07:36

  • Not for you either, I daresayAnonymous, Wed Mar 13 20:14
    By now Emma had no doubt whatsoever that this girl was nothing more than a conceited, prejudiced… pufferfish , as her mother would call people who thought themselves far above the rest of the world.... more
    • Like I care what you have to say.Charline, Sun Mar 17 19:01
      In spite of what most other people thought (her Papa, Roydon, the Aquila seeker, she was sure even at times, Reece) Charline wasn’t an idiot. She was perfectly aware of what game her new acquaintance ... more
    • OOC: Ooops, name got left out! (nm) — Emma, Thu Mar 14 07:36
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