...Have you checked under your bed lately?
Thu Mar 14, 2013 18:42

Serenity’s answer was entirely unsatisfactory. Many things? “Well, fine then.” He gave her a look that was somewhere between amused and exasperated and returned to the supplies on his desk, picking them up to begin magnetizing the needle. What ‘many things’ was she referring to? Perhaps she had the same vague images floating around her mind that he did, although his right now were changing to include streams of smoke puffing out heavily from behind the panelled walls in the Diner and around the edges of those dratted clunky computers in the Cultural Studies lab, students gleefully escaping as the school’s electrical circuits were fried beyond repair – Or, for all he knew, she was just bluffing, having not expected her comment to provoke further questioning. Either way, the vague answer bothered him. He was supposed to be the vague one! He was supposed to be known for talking in riddles! He had become rather good at it and he didn’t like when someone else tried to match him in things that he was good at. As the pot calling the kettle black, this was kind of an irrational reaction for him to have, and Reece was able to recognize that it was irrational, and Reece was also able to recognize that he didn’t care if it was irrational because it was still true.

“Do you believe in this stuff? This idea of... magic.”

His fingers were usually very steady when he worked, each movement tight and precise thanks to years of experience building models, but at her words they jerked suddenly, the spasm sending both his needle and magnet flying through the air. Reece paid the wayward items little attention, instead turning his head to face this strange new girl whom he had sat beside quite unintentionally and was now throwing even more plot twists into his mystery. “I. Erm. Bluh.” It took him longer than it should have to remember that he was wearing a mask and therefore she wouldn’t be able to tell that he was gaping at her incoherently. His eyes darted quickly around them to make sure that her words hadn’t garnered any unwanted attention, leaping to the front of the room momentarily to see whether Iguana Man was still in the same place he had left him, head turning ever so slightly to confirm that his iguana was not on the wall behind them listening in, checking the ceiling as well just in case, and then he grabbed Serenity by the wrist and pulled her under the desk with him.

Under the desk it was terribly cramped and not at all suitable for the tall boy, head knocking against the top, gangly limbs curled up awkwardly around him, but it was the first place that he had thought of and it would just have to do for now. It was safer than staying out in the open when she had said those words and holy freaking Batman what was she thinking saying those words up there? She was going to compromise all his hard work to go unnoticed! Reece took a deep breath and then slipped the mask off, his cheeks puffing out slightly as he held in the nice clean air and observed the girl more closely. He had to look at her from his own eyes, without the thick glass lenses of his mask getting in the way. Once satisfied that she was a real girl (or, at least, put on a very good show of looking like one) he pulled the mask back on, the reassuring presence of the filter allowing him to resume normal breathing.

“We can’t talk about this here,” he said to her softly. He was unable to maintain eye contact with her for any real length of time, as his eyes continued to jump around, keeping watch for anyone who might have crept up on them. “He has spies everywhere. It’s dangerous to bring it up where they might hear us.” Reece considered her for a moment, his mind racing. It might be a trick, she might be just another spy, someone recruited by one of the higher-ups to sniff out anyone like him – but he had to talk to her anyway. Because there was still a chance that she truly was like him. He could always use another ally, or maybe, another friend. “If you meet me...” ‘Where?’ Somewhere there weren’t camera or videoscreens or the henchmen or any other students. “...on the quidditch field. Far end, near the broom shed, over dinner tonight. There won’t be anyone around and then we can talk. Until then, let’s make magnets.” He reached over to snag his needle from where it had fallen and then rolled out quickly from under the desk with the practised efficiency of one who is used to hiding in uncomfortable locations, offering Serenity his hand to help her to her feet.

OOC: Continued on the Pitch! :3

  • Then why should I have one?Serenity, Tue Mar 12 21:02
    Serenity snorted softly. Reece didn’t understand. But of course he wouldn’t. All the magic loving children around them were happily making magnets and casting Point Me spells. She turned to look him... more
    • ...Have you checked under your bed lately? — Reece, Thu Mar 14 18:42
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