Anjali Soren
Approximately 13,500 years
Tue Mar 19, 2013 23:07

Anjali stared at the professor, eyes wide with frustration, just as they had been the week before (And the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and – You get the point). She had no idea what an atom was, and she had been under the impression that a pole was the thing hobos carried their packsacks on. Align with lodestones, magnetic fields, and a needle to spin and odds were you’d land on a very confused Anjali Soren.

Miraculously, with help (not necessarily voluntary) from her fellow classmates, Anjali made it through the first few steps without any apparent problem. Anjali chewed her lip, trying to remember what she had read about the Hover Charm, which had been mentioned in her textbook as a side to the Levitation Charm. The textbook had shared the incantation, but wasn’t so clear on the wand movement. She took a moment to experiment on her quill, wheeling away when an attempt nearly skewered the Lyra’s left eye. Anjali made a face. Maybe it would be wiser to just get water.

But Anjali was not inclined towards the wise. She tried one more variation, this time careful to not lean over the quill, and this time it was the right one! Suppressing her smile, Anjali applied the same motion to her magnetized needle and watched as it whirled, slackening into a leisurely rotation and finally stopping. Finally! All done.

Anjali relaxed onto her seat, and then straightened. In her concentration, she hadn’t noticed that Aukley had taken the seat next to her. She opened her mouth to greet her suitemate and close friend, but Aukley beat her to it, and from the sound of it, the girl hadn’t noticed it was Anjali who she was sitting by either. Anjali smiled at Aukley’s embarrassed tone. “Hmm," she said stroking her chin theatrically. Then, dropping the act, she grinned and shrugged a shoulder. "Merlin knows. I don’t think we have to do that now. He said it like we could do it later. Besides, we’re underground. I don’t think anybody knows which way is North.” Anjali thought for a second. “Unless they carried around a compass... But that would be weird.” She made a funky face and grinned.

  • When will the poles switch again, I wonder?Aukley Justesen {Lyra}, Sun Mar 10 14:38
    Sometimes, Aukley really, really missed normal people, especially when she looked at Professor Rosse's outfits, and today's had her facepalming. His fishy cloak reminded her of the shower curtain... more
    • Approximately 13,500 years — Anjali Soren, Tue Mar 19 23:07
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