Substitute Maggie Plume
It's a Magical Menagerie! [Years 1-3]
Wed Aug 7, 2013 22:16

Maggie, or Professor Plume as she would be called today, rounded a corner and walked down the hallway to her classroom, purse clutched in her hand. Ward Rosse had come down with the flu and she’d been called in as a substitute. Since she only lived a few blocks away from Pearl Street, accepting the job had been profitable and convenient. She’d been told that the lesson she’d be teaching was simple; in fact, she’d hardly be teaching at all. The students had already been over the classification of animals and plants with Ward the past week. Today would simply involve an activity to put new their knowledge to use.

Maggie fiddled with the door knob and then “Oh, my....” The classroom had been transformed into a veritable menagerie. A bunch of tables now filled the space, each displaying a creature or two. There were covered tanks featuring frogs, leaping toadstools, crabs, and turtles scattered around the room. The tanks were alternated with cages of mice, sparrows, and rabbits. Finally, there was an ant farm and a jar of cockroaches and a jar of pickles also to be found. Maggie put her bag down on a table near the door and then walked around in awe. A glance at her watch showed fifteen minutes until class started.

Ten minutes later Maggie was standing before the first display table, a chalkboard on her right. “Everyone, please grab a clipboard! They’re on the table by the door.” Once everyone had gathered around her, Maggie explained that she was subbing the lesson and then went over classifications—Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species—very quickly since the kids had already learned about them. “For today you’ll just be observing the creatures behind me and filling out the form on your clipboard. I’ll be collecting them at the end of class. If you have any questions you can ask me of course.”

At that she let the students mingle and pulled out a scarf she was knitting from her bag. Winter was on its way, and this would be the perfect gift for her daughter, who was currently studying New York. Every so often Maggie would stand up and walk around to make sure the students weren’t goofing off. Then, suddenly the lights flickered and cackling could be heard, though as Maggie looked around there was no one in sight. As one, the tank covers lifted and the cage doors opened. Not needing any invitation, the creatures grabbed the opportunity to escape.

Shifty floated unseen in a corner of the classroom delighting in the mischief he’d caused. Science Boss might be sick, but that was no reason to bring a complete stranger into his classroom! There had been enough changes at the school already and besides, he could do a good job of keeping the students entertained. Walking around with clipboards was no fun! The students ought to have a chance to observe the animals much more closely, and there was nothing like a good romping chase to brighten up the day! What a bonding experience! Shifty swung down and quickly wrote The Manic Panic was here before leaving. There was much more mischief to get up to.

The lights stopped flickering and Maggie looked around the classroom with dismay. Then she noticed the rat near her foot. “Eeeeek!” She ran up to her chair and promptly stood on it. “Students, students! We have to gather all the animals and put them back in their cages! Work together now, quickly!” Maggie cast wingardium leviosa, lifting the offending rat and placing it back in its cage. They had thirty minutes to get everything back in its proper place. So much for an uneventful class.

OOC: Hello, all! The Manic Panic has struck again! As you write remember each post should be at least 200 words long and make sure to mention your character’s house next to their name. For example, Arthur Pendragon [Cetus]. Happy posting!

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