Professor Rigel Shingleton
Shoot for the Stars- Years 1-3
Wed Sep 4, 2013 16:14

Dr Rigel Shingleton had sat at the front of the laboratory; nerves buzzing in his stomach making him feel half a boy again.

But Rigel was an old man. And a Professor -not a doctor. He had always wanted to be a Professor though. ‘To teach and to dedicate his life to the art of learning.’ That had been his aim at the start of his career in the sciences. It hadn’t worked out though. Not really. The lack of work had been a blow to him upon his graduation, and when he was constantly refused positions on account of companies being unable to facilitate for his ‘needs’ –which consisted of a ramp. It had been much the same ever since. Sure, he’d gotten the odd job as a free lance researcher and even did a spot of work for the Ministry once or twice, but nothing like this. Tutoring pupils in Dunkeld had paled in comparison to the opportunities of a Professorship.

The call had come during the midterm of the school calendar and he’d never been so thrilled. His daughter and niece both attended Rocky Mountain International and he had heard tales of the famous science teacher and his pet Iguana. That same Professor had decided to leave the school, and of the applicants he had been selected to replace him. Immediately he had grown obsessive over lesson plans. They had become his new favorite pass-time. They had been far more interesting than online chess.
The one he had made for today was –in his opinion- one of his best.

He had arrived at the classroom early and used a levitation charm to clear a large floor in the middle of the space -desks and chairs pushed to the walls along with the rest of the provided equipment. Drawing the lines on the floor with his wand had been harder. The spell was only temporary, but it had required to be done with precision- something he had discovered was not easy when your legs were almost entirely redundant. But it had been done and the calculations had been fine ironed beforehand. The narrow white marks would contain the spell in neatly so it didn't expand to far and cause commotion amongst the class.

When the bell had went and students began to arrive he had called out to them in his definitive Scottish accent, “Gather round the circle if you’d please! That’s it. Move up so that everyone can fit in.”

He had assessed the first to third years with his orb-like green eyes waiting for them to shuffle into place. When silence fell, he began.

“Welcome to Magical Sciences! For those of you who are not aware, Professor Rosse has now left the school on grounds which I am sure are entirely his own business. I’m Professor Shingleton and I will be his replacement. I hope we will get on well,” he had smiled with thin lips, “Today we will be learning about Astronomy. You will have noticed the circles on the floor when you came in. These are containment lines so that the models we’ll be using don’t expand to far,” Rigel had wheeled himself over to the edge beside the gathered class and flight his wand at the center, “Noctis Caelum.

In an expanding dome small pin pricks of light had appeared upon incantation and grew to the size of small golf balls. Once they had settled faint grey lines appeared connecting them.

“And the front of the room on my desk you will find a booklet with the different constellations. Your task for today is to get into pairs and take one of these. In them you will find a diagram and information sheet about each of the constellations and their composing stars. In your teams you will use this to identify the different celestial objects in the dome. Simply tap your wand on the object in question and a question about it will appear. If you answer correctly the object will turn a different color. This corresponds to the one on the front of your pack. At the end of the lesson we’ll tally up the numbers and the winning team will win a prize,” he had smiled again then, “If anyone has any questions then come and ask me. But for now, lets begin.”

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