Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila)
Ready, Aim, Fire
Tue Sep 10, 2013 15:50

Slumped forwards with his arms crossed on top of the desk, Kašpar rolled his head sideways, cheek pressed against the sleeve of his robes. From this angle he could look straight at one of the circles that had been traced onto the floor. ‘Why circles? Why not rectangles or something?’ Circles were fine, they were the shape of Bludgers after all, but the second-year still preferred shapes with a little more structure to them; squared edges of bricks, pastries cut neatly into triangles, his Viecier’s curving broom handle interrupted by the angled point that sliced through the air at the front. Although despite this preference, he had to admit that circles were an easier shape to make. Whenever he tried drawing pictures of his house, the sharp corners along the roof always ended up looking a bit slanted, so that if he tilted his head, the entire building appeared to be sliding off the parchment. But considering that his usual method for tacking the pictures onto his dorm wall involved jumping off his bed with the pictures in hand and shoving them at the wall... Well, it actually resolved the problem nicely! If you drew a picture on an angle and then tacked up the parchment at an angle, the whole thing looked straighter.

Unlike the multitude of parchment bits tacked up on his wall, this new Professor was not very straight. Professor Rosse had not been very straight, either, because he had a crawly lizard pet and there was always some sort of excited chaos going on wherever he was involved, but that had still been an angley sort of not-straightness, Kašpar decided. Instead of a lizard pet, Professor Shin-something-or-other had a wheelchair, which naturally labelled him as being a circley person. A wheelchair wasn’t nearly as cool as a lizard but it was still intriguing. His internal ponderings over how the man had ended up in a wheelchair were disrupted by the drawn wand, raised and motioned at the circles he had been looking at just moments earlier. Moving his arms to the side so that his head could flop down completely on the desk, lengthy blonde locks trailing across his forehead, Kašpar studied the swelling floor domes with fascination, picturing an overturned fishbowl, the specks of light reflecting off small scaled creatures gliding through the water. Maybe it was more dragons! He let out a loud hum of satisfaction at the thought. The Ironbellies his father worked with were the largest dragons on the planet and would have found it impossible to hide around the school, but here there was a multitude of tiny dragons, slim ones that lurked around every corner and found their way into every class he attended.

He paid minimal attention to the class instructions, continuing to watch the spots of light that marked the dragon’s path while vaguely overhearing something about booklets and diagrams and prizes. “Prizes!” he repeated delightedly, voice muffled by the arms he had cradled around his head. Shooting into an upright position, he flicked a loose chunk of hair out of his face and turned bright hazel eyes onto the person seated next to him. Not bothering to greet them properly (his sister would be smacking him upside the head and chastising his rudeness if she'd been close by, and he had zero doubts that she had seen and would smack him for it at the next available opportunity), he seized their hand, claiming them immediately as his partner, and bounced out of his chair. “Ve must be working fast!” he informed them with a wide smile. “Eef you can be fetching a booklet, I vill start seeking for dragons in zhe...” He flapped his free hand at the dome of lights, trying to remember what the Professor had called them. “Er, ‘ow do you say eet? Zhe con-taining-munt circles.” His accented speech was as incoherent as usual, but also as usual, Kašpar paid this triviality no attention. They had a mission to complete, and he was impatient to win that prize!

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