Copeland Henkes [Cetus]
Stop, drop, and roll
Sun Sep 22, 2013 22:48

So there was a new Magical Sciences professor, because apparently RMI had the same job security as being a red shirt on the USS Enterprise (Copeland had watched a lot of old TV shows with his dad during his childhood) and couldn’t keep itself fully staffed from year to year. Cope didn’t care that much. He didn’t mind Rosse, and he’d miss the iguana, but he’d been bad at Magical Sciences from day one. He wasn’t optimistic about the new teacher.

The most interesting thing for Cope was that Professor Shingleton was in a wheelchair. With the kind of things the medic did (instantly Healing broken bones and fixing colds), Cope generally assumed that things like paralysis and muscle problems—or whatever kept Professor Shingleton from walking—were no problem for magical doctors.

But he remembered Tripp. Magic obviously couldn’t cure everything.

Cope hadn’t been big enough to use a wheelchair on his own when he was in the hospital, but he remembered Tripp and Liam racing theirs down the hallway. Since Liam’s wheelchair was more of a permanent fixture than Tripp’s was (courtesy of neurofibromatosis and what Liam referred to as “the giant tumor that moved into my spinal cord and isn’t even paying rent, what a malignant jerk”), the younger boy had won. Tripp’s second-place prize was a staff-ordered ban on him using a wheelchair unsupervised, even though Cope and Mikey and Katie loved watching the race. It had been one of the best days.

Another student grabbed his hand, which instantly dispelled the memories of St. Cyprian’s. Oh my god is he speaking a different language? It took a second for Cope to realize that no, it was just heavily accented English. “Ve must be working fast! Eef you can be fetching a booklet, I vill start seeking for dragons in zhe... Er, ‘ow do you say eet? Zhe con-taining-munt circles.

“Uh, okay.” Copeland went to fetch the booklet. Depending on how obscure the constellations were, he might not need it. Dad used to take him hiking and camping in Bighorn National Forest, and when they spent the night in the park, Dad had pointed out some of the constellations and taught Copeland their names. When he got back to Kašpar and handed his classmate the booklet, he noticed a tight cluster of stars under the dome. “I think that’s the Seven Sisters,” he said, pointing. “Does the booklet say anything about it?”

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    • Stop, drop, and roll — Copeland Henkes [Cetus], Sun Sep 22 22:48
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