Professor Rigel Shingleton
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Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:44

Dawn had risen, bright and early as always, with the shrill chimes of an alarm clock that shattered through the warmth of his dream world and dragged him back to reality. Professor Shingleton hadn't opened his eyes. He had been back on the Hogwarts quidditch pitch, flying. He never wanted to forget that feeling again. Sighing, he opened his eyes to the dark mustiness his room at RMI had become. At some point, he would need to find time to remove the vast colonies of dust motes that had grown over his residency. He was, unfortunately, not very up to date on cleaning spells.

He had pulled himself up in to sitting position and pulled his limp legs over the edge of the bed, shuffled closer to his wheelchair and took hold of the arms lifting himself into the seat. The process of changing from his night gown to black attire and robes involved a lot of awkward wriggling around. Initially, he had been offered a carer at the hospital. The thought of anyone watching him, however, was embarrassing enough to make him reject. He had pulled back the curtains and opened the window to let the air circulate before tying his useless spats. A slick back of the hair and gathering of books later and he was juggling the door as he jerked the wheels to get past the obstacle. Then he was rolling down the corridor again.

He had planned a good lesson today, he reminded him self. Palaeontology was an interesting subject and he’d spent a long time organizing samples to be apparated in from Scotland for use in the class. He had forced himself to smile. It was not a look that suited him. It was easy to tell when he didn't mean it. Rigel had arrived at the front of the class beside his array of cardboard boxes a few seconds before the bell went. He had counted the seconds before the students arrived.

“Come in! Come in and sit down! Quickly now, we have a lot to cover today. Notebooks out. Pencils today, no pens. Or quills for that matter. A great potential for rubbing out today and I do not want messy jotters,” he spotted a student unscrewing an ink pot, “Boy in the back row. Graphite, not ink. You need to have your hearing checked.”
He had checked that everyone was settled, and then began.

“Today we’ll be looking at fossils. Not much is discussed about evolution in magical society, but it is an important issue none the less. As palaeontology has developed in the muggles world, the risk of their discovering magical creatures poses an ever greater risk of the exposure of our existence. It is therefore of vital importance that we too have Palaeontologists and anti-Palaeontologists working in every Ministry in every country where muggles may find remains of the ancestors of magical races. For example,” he unwrapped one of the tissue paper bundles from inside the boxes, “This is vermis vipera or worm snake. The ancient ancestor of the sea serpent. Before evolution enlarged it, of course,” the small, scaled worm with horse-like head was microscopic compared with its modern descendant, “This specimen is one of many found in Cromer, England in the Forest Bed; a popular fossil site for muggle Palaeontology. Had the Ministry’s department not interfered then they would have been discovered. Nobody knows what kind of havoc might have been caused; all that anyone can agree on is that it would have been havoc.”

“Today, I want you to attempt to draw the vermis vipera alongside it’s descendant and below to make a comparison between the features of the two. You are welcome to discuss this in pairs or in small groups. There will be no congregations of more than three allowed, however. Can I have to volunteers to pass the fossils out? People with stable hands,” he spotted a couple and indicated to them, “Yes, you two.”
He flicked his wand and the board dropped down to reveal a diagram of the sea serpent’s skeletal structure.
“Once you have the fossils you may begin. Oh and there will be homework. Fifteen inches of parchment on the impacts that would be caused by a muggle discovering a magical creature’s fossil. You’ll need to do some research and I want your own opinions. Due today next week,” he smiled, in honest hope that some of them might do a particularly good job.

“If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.”

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