Professor Shingleton
A-maze-ing! [Years 6-7]
Fri Jan 3, 2014 07:47

“Good morning, class.”
Rigel sat, as usual, in his wheelchair at the front.

“Good morning. Come in and put your bags down. Leave your coats on, please.”
Rigel had sat, as usual, in his chair at the front of the class. When everyone was accounted for, he had begun.
“Today we’re going to do something a bit different. If you will follow me.”
The old man had wheeled his way down the centre isles and through the door of the room, aware of some of the confused looks the senior students gave him.

He braked sharply in the wide corridor outside, “Quickly if you please!”
Once the usual chatter had died down he had indicated a mass of linear white chalk lines that sectioned the corridor, “Today we’re going to do a recap of sorts,” Rigel had felt enthusiastic, this lesson had been a fun one to plan.
He hoped that enthusiasm had come across.
The professor flicked his wand upwards and where the lines were thin, white walls had risen in their haphazard fashion.
“Today, you will pair up and attempt to complete this maze; which now covers a large proportion of the school. At every ‘T’ junction you will encounter a question, challenge or riddle. Answer correctly and the right way will be lit up. Incorrectly, the wrong way.

“The aim of the game is to reach the end first. Whoever does so will receive a prize of my choosing.”

Rigel had let that sink in for a few seconds, “There are three entry points. Once you have found a partner you will select one of these and begin on my count. The first junction that you come to will not be a question, but a straight forward choice to spread the class out further.”

He had smiled at them, “If you get lost, don’t panic. Five minutes before the bell rings the walls will dissipate and you can make your way back to class to pick up your stuff. Find your partners now!”

After everyone was sorted and had picked a sub-corridor he had counted down from three, “Three! Two! One! Begin!”

He had watched as they raced off, excited to see how the lesson would pan out.

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