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Circuit training
Wed May 14, 2014 07:18

Rocky Mountain International. If she'd been asked to compile a list of the places she'd most love to see in the world, Mona Laughton wasn't sure that Colorado would have featured. She wasn't sure America would have popped into her mind at all, although once she'd got thinking about it, places like Boston and Chicago started springing pleasingly to mind. However, here she was, and it didn't seem a bad place to be. Her aim after she'd finished her doctorate had been to go on an adventure. Her whole life's aim had been that. She'd been born and raised in a small town in Scotland, where she'd lived for eleven years before being shipped the minute distance to Hogwarts. Beautiful as she found her home country, having always been contained within a few dozen square miles of it had made her restless and, as soon as she'd been free to, she'd escaped. A degree in Belfast. A masters in Padua. A PhD in Prague. And now, she was here, as a supply teacher with an unspecified length of tenure. That might have scared most people but it excited her. She got bed and board with her post, could save up some of her salary and then, when they didn't need her any more, make her way down through South America before looking for a job somewhere new.

“Hi,” she smiled as the students came in. They were... so small. She had had to tutor undergraduates as part of her PhD, so was used to being at the front of a class, but that was the front of a class of students eighteen years and up. And this was the intermediate group? How tiny were the beginners going to be?

“I'm Professor Laughton,” technically, she was Doctor Laughton, or even Doctor Professor (though she wasn't sure whether you could double barrell two titles from the same field... She'd heard of things like Lord Professor or Sergeant Doctor, where the person's two titles were equally relevant and from different areas of their lives, but in academia, being a doctor usually superseded being a professor...). Either way, the convention here was to use 'Professor' and that was what she planned to do. “I am you substitute professor, however you don't know how long you've got me for. Might be a month. Might be three. I might be grading your midterm papers, and you will definitely have to see me every lesson for the next fortnight. So I would advise you to behave yourselves.” She fully remembered the way her classes at school had treated stand ins when they knew they would be there one day and gone the next, and so had decided it was best to make it clear that she would be around long enough for actions to have consequences. It felt rather strange to be laying down the law. At universities, you gave the students enough credit to assume they knew how to behave without being told. At least she probably looked like an adult to this lot though. She was twenty-six but a young looking twenty-six. She was slight, with brown bobbed hair that flicked inwards just under her ears. She spent most of her life with this in bunches, although she had eschewed those today in the hopes of looking more serious and teacherish. Her eyes were hazel, and she had a large and obvious smattering of freckles across her nose. As she finished being firm and began her lecture, her face became animated with a lively and friendly smile.

“Today, we're beginning a module on simple technomancy,” she beamed, if she had been a student in this class, she knew this would have been what she'd been looking forward to – what she'd been waiting for through all the lectures on rocks and stars.

“We'll be beginning by looking at circuits. Now, from your Cultural Studies classes, you should all have an understanding of what we mean by 'electricity' and you may be familiar with 'batteries.' For those of you who don't know or have forgotten, a battery is a small device in which it is possible to store an electrical charge. You can then connect this up in order to do... well, all sorts of things! Light a light. Ring a bell.

“As magical folk, we have also sorts of useful effects that we can produce by channelling our magic. And, whilst some spells have lingering, long term effects, many spells last only as long as they are performed for, and all spells need a caster. This is where we can learn a lesson from Muggles. If we were somehow able to store magical force in an object, it could be tapped into by any one at any time. This could have useful applications for those who underage and not allowed to produce magic of their own, or those who are elderly or physically weak, for whom performing magic can be physically exhausting. At present, these people have to rely on those around them to support them with all magical activities.

“We have two challenges in creating circuit. One is replacing the battery and another is replacing the wires. Wires allow electricity to travel between the battery and the object you want it to have an effect on. However, they don't get on so well with magic. Battery development is still a work very much in progress but we have been able to come up with a replacement for wires – a charm which allows transfer of magical energy from one object to another. Iff I take an object with powerful magic attached to it, such as a chess piece, I can hook it up to run a simpler spell.

“For example, take this doll. I cast an Agitovenia on it earlier but it's worn off. If I connect it, using the spell filementia,” she cast, tracing her wand from the chess piece to the doll, then from the doll back to the chess piece, “She will start to move again,” sure enough, the doll had sprung back to life as was dancing away merrily. “This is useful for parents who wish to amuse their children with dancing or moving toys but who don't want to risk said toys escaping and causing issues if they're picked up by Muggles, as as soon as the circuit is broken, the toy will stop moving. By using and adapting a Muggle technology, we're actually better able to hide from them,” she explained with a grin.

“You will be practising the filementia charm today. Use a long flowing wand motion, like you're drawing a line. Keep it at a steady pace to try to ensure the same thickness all the way along, and be sure to go from your 'battery' to your doll, then your doll to your battery. Working out why these thing are important form part of your homework questions,” she explained, flicking her wand to send a pile of papers around the room, which contained this question, along with various others on circuit lay out and the like. “So feel free to experiment during the class to see what happens if you don't heed my advice.” Nothing disastrous would result and she'd always felt that experimenting was a good way of learning.

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