Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila)
Running laps
Thu May 22, 2014 08:39

In the four years since he had first been Portkeyed into RMI, the school had introduced three different professors for Magical Sciences. That was a big change, Kašpar reflected from his position in the back of the classroom, chin propped up on his fist while he surveyed the new maybe-temporary professor. Having professors changing seemed like an even bigger change when compared to the fact that he himself hadn't changed much over those same four years. Sure, he was broader in the shoulders and looking a bit more muscled up (although he was still nearly an inch shorter than his twin sister, to his constant bewilderment), and supposedly his accent had gotten easier to understand (not that he could tell), and his hair was longer (and seemed to bleach even paler under the sunlight every year), but aside from the Assistant Captain badge on his Quidditch uniform, the Pureblood couldn't honestly say that he felt any different.

On the rare occasions he saw their dad, Tomas always joked about How does it feel to be fourteen? or thirteen or twelve, and he always joked back that it felt the same as the number previous, except it wasn't really a joke because it was true. Getting older wasn't something he noticed. Was that a change you were even supposed to notice? ...Of course, a better question here was Did he even care?, to which the answer was obviously no. He didn't need to feel older to know that time had passed. Having new professors and new class topics and new annoying work striving to limit his time training on the Quidditch pitch was enough of a time-marker for him.

Hazel eyes roaming off their new maybe-professor, whose name he had retained as simply "Laughing", he idly twirled his quill between two fingers and launched all too easily into a daydream featuring himself and a conveniently one-player-too-short Grodzisk Goblins team. He did manage to tune back into the lecture periodically (enough to tell that Professor Laughing was talking about Muggle devices and then offer up an agreeable nod when she said they should already know what electricity was, though thanks to his habit of dozing off during Cultural Studies, probably anyone could've told her that his nod wasn't accurate), but on the whole it just tucked itself neatly into the edges of his mental pitch. Using and adapting turned into hasty adaptations in midair, a fingers' worth of resettled weight enough to make the hairpin swerve around an opponent; long flowing wand motions turned into long loose hair tangled around his shoulders, the white-blond locks drifting cloudlike at the edges of his vision.

"Oh." Hair turned into paper, paper that was moving towards him, and he snagged it and gave it a cursory glance before setting it down on his desk. Right, right, time to do... whatever they were supposed to be doing. He stared back up at the front for a moment, comparing the dancing doll with the motionless one on his desk, and the scattered overhead phrases snapped together, or slightly closer to each other, at least. The chess piece was powering the doll's dance. "I vonder eef you could be using Bludgers for a... a chess piece." He gestured at the chess figure, unable to remember the term Professor Laughing had used for the Muggle power-items. "Zhey do 'ave a lot of magic inside. Alzhough probably a broom vould vork more better. Vhat do you tink?" he demanded of the person nearest him. He didn't have a Bludger or broom handy to try the spell with, not that he'd ever sacrifice his precious Vicier or any other broom for such a cause in the first place, but as per usual, that was where his mind had jumped to and where he intended on starting off this experiment, if only by discussion.

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