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Intermediates - Bridging the Gap
Fri Aug 22, 2014 08:38

Ordinarily, people thought of the two options for Christmas break as being stay at school or go home but Mona had done neither. Home would still be there next winter and she was going to take the chance to explore whilst she was over this side of the world. She'd spent one Christmas in Prague as a student, just because she could, and to see what it was like, so it wasn't the first time she'd been away from her family for the festive season. It still felt a little odd and a little lonely, especially on Christmas Day itself when restaurants were booked up and staff looked at you pityingly when you came alone.

However, she'd had an excellent time exploring New York, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city and the Christmas window displays for a few days, including Christmas itself, before heading to Utah, a great place to try her hand at some of the crazy Muggle winter sports, and generally chill out and see a heck of a lot of snow. She'd spent New Year up a mountain, sipping hot cider with a bunch of new found nomadic friends. It had been a brilliant couple of weeks, and sadly all too short. Her feet were itching to get back out of the doors of RMI and do some more exploring, but she probably needed to put a few months' salary into the bank. Travelling was an expensive hobby, and she wanted to put the long summer holidays to the best use possible... All in all, she had to admit that the supply gig wasn't bad, even if she did have a touch of the back to work blues.

“Ok, guys,” she called out, tucking her short mousy hair behind her ears, where it only just reached. “As magical folk, if you train your powers right, you can conjure up some pretty impressive things. But, often, if you don't know how they work, you can get yourselves into trouble. We're working on bridges today. You should have done the reading for homework and today we'll be doing the practical.

“Now, you never know when you might be trying to outrun an evil warlock or a Manticore, and find yourself perilously teetering on the edge of a ravine. The Ponteus Transfiguration can be used it to conjure a bridge – today we'll be using it to transfigure existing materials and only making scale models - but, if you don't understand how bridges work, how can you conjure something structurally sound? Surely you want to be sure the bridge you step out onto can bear your weight.

“On your desks, you all should have some cardboard, string and so on. I want you to use it to construct a model bridge and then transfigure this, using the Ponteus spell into the real materials you would use in that design,” so the magical element of the class was possibly a little on the simple side, as all they had to do was change the materials, but she wanted their focus to be on the design, to show they had understood the principles.

“At the end of the class, I will be coming around with a stack of weights and testing your models to the point of destruction – this is the only test I'll be using, so think about which forces are at work there,” for those who had read the chapter, the answer would be fairly obvious. Those who hadn't probably wouldn't think about the more complex forces anyway. “The weight it bears will be your score, with a multiplier for the complexity of your bridge,” she waved her wand at the board and the different categories of bridge appeared, with the bonuses awarded for each. “Best bridge wins house points. You may consult with your neighbour but everyone should make their own bridge. Please begin.”

OOC – I am no expert on bridges but I went and read this and am fairly confident that gives enough information to write a good response to this class. You can assume the chapter the students were set contained similar information (though hopefully a little less cheesily written). Posts must be 200 words minimum but detailed and creative posts will score more class points. You are being supervised by a trained professional who would not allow a situation to become dangerous (besides which, you're working mostly with cardboard and string...). Please tag me in the subject line if you need me, and state your house in the author line. 

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