RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Marlee Wright
What I learned
Mon Dec 12, 2011 09:52

Truly, we have lost a lot of our control of what goes on in our classrooms. We are told, not only WHAT to teach, but often we are told HOW to teach it. It seems that, all too often, the "powers that be" want us to be cookie cutter teachers, without regard for the fact that children learn in many different ways, and that teaching needs to reflect the different ways students learn. Different teaching styles reach different children, and if we are to "leave no child behind," as the saying goes, we have to adapt to the students with whom we are working.

I believe that it it imperative that we use our collective voices as teachers to advocate for the chance to use our minds again - to become not just givers of information, but informed professionals who know how to reach and teach children.

  • What I learned - Rachel Hicks, Mon Dec 12 07:17
    After reading Stremmel (2007), I can honestly say that I feel more aware about my role as a teacher researcher. Like, Ayers (1993) has stated that teachers need to be part detective, searching for... more
    • Re: What I learned - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 13 19:29
      Rachel I agree 1000% on education being too political and teachers having lost control! Ever year at this time I look back at all the wonderful, educational but fun, holiday related activities I USED ... more
    • Re: What I learned - whitney fisher, Mon Dec 12 10:43
      I totally agree with your comments! Teachers are with their students day in and day out for seven hours a day. Teachers know their students best- what makes them tick and what difficulties they are... more
    • What I learned - Marlee Wright, Mon Dec 12 09:52
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RE 5040 Fall 2011