RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Re: Stremmel Response
Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:06

Very well said. The role of a teacher as a detective was a very powerful analogy to me as well. As teachers we must "search" to look for clues in our classrooms, as well as follow leads to reveal the problems and situations that need addressing in our classrooms. If we don't look for those clues within our students and find out what they truly need more assistance with, in a sense we are abandoning their needs.

I think following the cycle of inquiry in our own classrooms is crucial, and I agree that it makes it even better when we are able to participate with a colleague. You are correct in that two (or even three) minds can solve problems with more efficiency and effectiveness than when alone. I hope (for both of us) that we end up in teaching situations where this can happen!

To me, learning that teacher research doesn't have to be complicated was important. It think we have so much on us as teachers, that adding one more thing to our "to-do" list can be overwhelming. Knowing that we can really do research in a relatively simple manner has been so encouraging to me and has given me hope incorporate it in my own classroom in the future.

  • Stremmel Response - whitney fisher, Mon Dec 12 10:49
    While reading the article, I was able to connect a lot of what Stremmel (2007) wrote about to what my research partner and I did in our study. The cycle of teacher inquiry is exactly what I did this... more
    • Re: Stremmel Response - Ashley Joyce, Tue Dec 13 13:43
      I agree with you about listening to other teachers' presentations. It was interesting listening to what they do in their classrooms. You can always take someone elses ideas and tweak it to make it... more
    • Re: Stremmel Response - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 12 11:06
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RE 5040 Fall 2011