RE 5040 Fall 2011
Dave Koppenhaver
Tue Aug 16, 2011 23:12

Greetings. I am the instructor of record for this class. I came to Appalachian State 7 years ago (8?). I am particularly interested in any kids who struggle in learning to read, especially kids with significant disabilities. I co-founded the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies in 1990 at UNC, and it is now run by one of my former doctoral students. My wife is currently the assistant director of the Teaching Fellows program at Appalachian. I say "currently," because the legislature axed that program, and we are waiting to see what the College will do with the staff. I have three sons, one working part-time as a firefighter in Blowing Rock and looking for a full-time position, one a freshman at Guilford College, and one a junior in high school. I enjoy teaching this class online (not something I would have guessed I would say when I first taught it a couple of years ago) and look forward to learning with all of you.

  • Introductions - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 16 23:00
    Here is a new threaded discussion board I'd like to try out. It is free of charge, so if we like it, I'll keep using it, and you could consider using it with your own students. In this thread, please ... more
    • Jennifer Crouse- Introduction - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 14:58
      Hello RE-5040 Classmates, My name is Jennifer Crouse and I teach first grade in Wilkes County. This will be my fifth year in first grade and I hope to always teach in the K-2 area, specifically first ... more
      • hello - landersgl, Fri Sep 9 15:12
        Hi Jennifer, I am your research partner for RE 5040. I look forward to talking to you and pinpointing our research question. I also love working with first graders. I live in Boone, am a full-time... more
      • welcome - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 11:48
        Good to hear from you! I admire anyone who can teach first graders all day. I love them an hour at a time.
      • Hi Jennifer - Ginger Landers, Mon Sep 5 01:18
        Is this your first semester of graduate school? I particularly like first and second grades also. That is such an exciting age where they are learning new concepts, especially in reading! It's also a ... more
        • Re: Hi Jennifer - crousejs, Mon Sep 5 11:48
          Nope, this is my fourth semester. Almost home!
    • Ginger Landers' Introduction - landersgl, Fri Sep 2 09:56
      Hi, my name is Ginger Landers. I just started the full-time on campus graduate Reading Education program this fall at Appalachian State University. I just moved to Boone from Asheville after being an ... more
      • no need to be nervous - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 11:51
        Welcome to Boone, to App, and to the class. No need to be nervous. Most of the tech and research methods are new to most of the class. All of it is useful to me, and I hope most (all is probably too... more
      • Hey Ginger! - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:02
        I have visited the Asheville area a few times and love the fresh mountain atmosphere because I love being outdoors. I was wondering what grade you were an assistant and substitute teacher for.... more
        • Re: Hey Ginger! - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 22:28
          Hi Jennifer, I lived in Asheville for ten years. I like it there but am trying to get used to Boone. It's a very pretty town. I was an assistant in kindergarten to second grade classes- the teachers... more
          • Reply To Ginger - crousejs, Mon Sep 5 11:45
            Hey Ginger, I have been a first grade teacher for four years and this year will be my fifth!
    • introduction - sarah Patten, Tue Aug 30 22:04
      Hi! I'm Sarah Patten! I have been teaching since 1989 (on and off since having children.) I enjoy helping children expand their minds!! I am now working part time at a Title I school enriching the... more
      • Re: introduction - landersgl, Fri Sep 2 10:02
        Hi Sarah, this is my first semester also. Your job as a Title I enrichment teacher sounds wonderful-- I hope the year has started smoothly for you!
    • Whitney Fisher's Intro - fisherwn, Mon Aug 29 16:36
      Hey everyone, I am excited to be a part of this class! I just graduated from Appalachian State University in May of 2011. I just returned to High Point after living and working in Virginia Beach for... more
      • fun travels - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 30 13:40
        Sounds like interesting and enjoyable places to travel and work. Good luck with the job prospects.
        • Reply to Travels - Whitney Fisher, Tue Sep 6 21:20
          Yes, I hope to travel more soon! Thanks, the job search has been pretty hard but I am not giving up!
      • Re: Whitney's intro - MaryBeth, Mon Aug 29 20:02
        Whitney, Congratulations on your recent graduation. I actually live in Jamestown. Good luck with the preschool job!
    • Re: Introductions - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 20:58
      Hi! My name is Ruth Ann Timmons. I teach Kindergarten at Moore Magnet in Forsyth County and LOVE it! This is my 11th year teaching. I started my graduate work last fall and have completed six classes ... more
      • no worries - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 30 13:42
        We'll help one another with the technologies. They are all relatively easy, but seem like a lot if you have not used them before. Be sure to ask questions on the thread or to skype with classmates... more
    • Marlee's introduction - Marlee Wright, Sat Aug 27 18:09
      I'm Marlene Wright, but I go by Marlee. I am a kindergarten teacher in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. After teaching music for several years, I got married and decided that I wanted to see ... more
      • hi Marlene - Ginger Landers, Mon Sep 5 01:07
        I too enjoy teaching kindergarten, first and second grades the most! The excited a child expresses when learning a new concept is what has always compelled me to teach. I look forward to learning new ... more
      • Marlee's intro - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 31 06:33
        I agree Marlee, I was an assistant in kindergarten before becoming a teacher and it is always amazing to see how they come in as babies and grow so much in 180 days.
        • Kindergarten - Marlee Wright, Wed Aug 31 21:09
          Yes, it truly is! I forget, from year to year, what the beginning of kindergarten is like, (maybe that is a lucky thing!) but at the end of the year, when I look back, I'm always amazed at the growth ... more
      • Kindergarten - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:13
        Somedays I wonder what job I would have if I was not teaching, but then I can't actually see myself doing anything else. It's in my blood and what I love! Kindergarten has to be my favorite, they... more
      • I can read this! - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 18:37
        The last sentence you wrote gave me chills! Watching a child learn to read is so powerful.
    • introduction - Tonya, Sat Aug 27 15:50
      Hi, My name is Tonya Isenhour. I am married with one daughter 12 and one son 9. They are involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, football, basketball, baseball, piano, guitar and church... more
      • I gotta know - koppenhaverd, Sun Aug 28 13:17
        You teach phys ed? What is your motivation to work on a masters in reading? Or are you just taking the teacher as researcher class as part of a different masters program? Just curious. With your home ... more
        • masters - Tonya Isenhour, Sun Aug 28 19:33
          Actually while getting my undergrade, I struggled with which major elementary ed of PE. While staying at home with children I did a lot of reading etc. with my own children and watching them learn... more
          • pretty cool - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 30 13:45
            I hope you weren't thinking I was suggesting PE teachers are slack, when I asked why you were in the Reading Program. I see the connections, but you're the first PE teacher I've had in a class since... more
            • PE teacher - Tonya Isenhour, Tue Aug 30 15:55
              Dr.Koppenhaver, No not exactly! But being in my field sometimes, we are not taken seriously, not "thought" of as a "real" teacher or even seen as a professional.I do get asked about why reading. But... more
          • PE Teacher - Amanda Solesbee, Sun Aug 28 20:05
            I think you are a great PE teacher. It takes a lot of dedication for a PE teacher to be able to integrate reading within a PE lesson. I think you are very creative and I would love to learn more... more
    • MaryBeth's intro - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 10:33
      My name is MaryBeth Davenport and this is my first semester in the Reading Education program. I am currently a stay at home mom to my two sons, a 5 year old (who just started Kindergarten this week!) ... more
      • Enjoy these home moments!! - sarah Patten, Tue Aug 30 21:45
        When you have the "teaching bug" it is hard to get it out of your system!! However-as you know-time flies with your own children. Enjoy!! Hope you like this area! Glad to have you here!
      • Reply to MaryBeth - fisherwn, Mon Aug 29 16:44
        Hey MaryBeth! I live in High Point as well... not too far from HPU! I hope you like the area! I have lived in HP for the last 11 years or so. I hope your son loves Kindergarten. What does your... more
        • re: fisherwn - MaryBeth, Mon Aug 29 19:10
          Thanks! My son is loving Kindergarten so far. He is a little irritated with waking up so early though. Ha! My husband teaches Management in the Business department. This will be his fourth year at... more
      • reply - Marlee Wright, Sat Aug 27 17:55
        Hi MaryBeth, I also am in the High Point area. I teach kindergarten in Winston-Salem - and I really hope your son is going to have a great kindergarten year!
        • Thanks - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 18:34
          Thanks Marlee! When asked how the first day of school was: "It was awesome, mom!" Just hoping that enthusiasm continues. I have lots of respect for Kindergarten teachers. In general, I feel that... more
      • enjoy those kids - koppenhaverd, Sat Aug 27 11:16
        What a unique opportunity to spend time with your kiddos. Treasure it. My youngest of three is now 16. He was 5 yesterday I'm pretty sure. You have a great reading background. There is a clear need... more
        • love to go to colleges in area - Sarah Patten, Tue Aug 30 21:41
          Love the idea of working with colleges in my area. My children are 15 and 11, so life is never dull!! I am teaching, too...maybe I can do that in my future-especially after I get this Masters!!
        • st. teacher supervision - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 13:20
          I have never considered the possibility of supervising student teachers. That's a great idea! Since we aren't from the area, I know very little about the surrounding schools (with the exception of my ... more
    • Ashley's Intro - Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 22:37
      My name is Ashley Joyce. I graduated from Lees McRae in 2009. I was a teacher's assistant last year in Kindergarten at South Fork Elementary in Winston Salem. This year, I am a Kindergarten teacher... more
      • Hi Asheley Joyce - Ginger Landers, Mon Sep 5 01:13
        I was also a teacher's assistant, but in Asheville. I think that is an exciting age to teach! This is my first semester in graduate school as well. I am a full-time student and am living in Boone... more
      • Reply to Ashley - fisherwn, Mon Aug 29 16:38
        How did you like being a teacher's assistant? I have applied for a teacher's assistant position in Guilford County and hoping to hear back soon. This is my first graduate class as well!
      • South Fork - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:24
        Hi Ashley! My husband's house was in the neighborhood behind your school and after we got married that is where we lived for the first two years of our marriage. Congrats on your new job and welcome... more
      • re: Ashley Joyce - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 10:41
        Hi Ashley! Congrats on your new teaching position. My oldest son began Kindergarten this week. It was a bittersweet moment for sure. Hope that you have a wonderful school year.
        • re: Ashley Joyce - ashley joyce, Sat Aug 27 20:13
          aww! It was hard for all of the mommies... hope you are doing well with the "letting go" process! :)
    • Three Cheers for All of You - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:03
      Love the conversations, the positive comments, the information being shared. Make sure you're figuring out who you have something in common with--schedules, interests, grade levels, work styles...... more
    • Sarah Hutson's Introduction - Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 09:39
      My name is Sarah Hutson. I am currently unemployed. I worked last year as a reading tutor for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at Meadowview Middle School in Surry County. I am married and have two children. ... more
      • Surry County - Ashley Joyce, Fri Aug 26 22:39
        I live in Mount Airy. I am not sure if we know one another... but it's a small world! :) Good luck with graduate school!
      • Unemployed? - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 10:55
        Unemployed by choice or school cuts. Sorry to hear you're not teaching reading. This state is desperate for good reading teachers. At least temporarily you'll have more time to learn those new... more
        • Reply to Unemployed - Sarah Hutson, Mon Aug 29 14:48
          Definately not by choice...we have not had many openings in my county or the surrounding counties since I graduated with my undergrad in 09. Those jobs that have opened up have been snatched up... more
    • Randi Lanier - introduction - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:00
      HI! I am Randi Lanier. I live in Lexington, NC and teach 2nd grade at Southmont Elementary. I am beginning my 5th year teaching. Today was our first day of school! It went great and all my students... more
      • re: Randi introduction - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 13:42
        Sounds like you are one busy person! That's exciting that you are so close to completion of the program. Oh, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I'm sure it will be a very busy year for... more
      • Wow! - Ashley Joyce, Fri Aug 26 22:40
        Wow! You are a busy guy! Congrats on getting married soon! Best of luck.
      • Re: Randi Lanier - introduction - Nakita Carson, Fri Aug 26 19:36
        Hey Randi! Glad your school year started off well!
      • new beginnings - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 10:57
        First day of school is always exciting, especially in those lower grades. It would be lovely to bottle some of that enthusiasm to share in February. Congrats on the pending wedding.
      • reply to Randi - Sarah Hutson, Fri Aug 26 09:47
        Wow! You are busy!!! I hope you have a great school year. Good luck preparing for your wedding!!!
    • Kara - scottk 349, Thu Aug 25 19:25
      Hello, my name is Kara Scott. I teach first grade at Reedy Fork Elementary in Guilford County Schools. This is my 7th year of teaching and my first year teaching the first grade. This year will be... more
      • Reply to Kara - fisherwn, Mon Aug 29 16:47
        Congratulations on your wedding! What has been your favorite grade to teach so far?
      • Staying Busy - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:34
        Kara, I'm excited you are taking this class too! I know you will do great in first grade and your students will love you. It sounds like a busy year but if anyone can handle it, it's you- go girl!
      • Wedding! - burchamal, Sun Aug 28 14:27
        Congratulations! I was doing the SAME THING last year. It will be tough and you will be very busy!
      • Busy year - Marlee Wright, Sat Aug 27 18:27
        Hi Kara - glad we'll be in class together again! Hope your year started out well - how many kids do you have? Ruth Ann and I have 23 children in our classes - it is full at Moore this year!
      • wedding contagion? - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:00
        So you and Randi. Anyone else in this class? One of the things that always drives me crazy when teaching undergrads is that when questioned about their favorite reading materials, about a 1/4 of them ... more
      • teaching, grad school, wedding - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:04
        Me too!! It does keep you very busy!! I feel like I have so much going on between these three things. School started back today it was our first day. I am taking two classes this semester and trying... more
        • busy bees - Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 17:14
          Good Luck to you TOO
    • Introduction - ashley.montgomery, Thu Aug 25 17:07
      Hey Everyone! My name is Ashley Montgomery. I teach kindergarten at Nancy Reynolds Elementary in Stokes County.
      • Re: Introduction - Nakita Carson, Fri Aug 26 19:32
        Hey Ashley! Yes. I'm glad we have a class together again too!
    • Rachel's Intro - hicksrd1, Wed Aug 24 19:28
      Hello everyone, my name is Rachel Hicks. I am a 3rd year teacher as South Fork Elementary here in Winston-Salem. I am a Kindergarten teacher and I love every minute it. This is my first class as a... more
      • Re: Rachel's Intro - Nakita Carson, Fri Aug 26 19:38
        I went to South Fork!!! A thousand years ago! LOL!
        • Re: South Fork - hicksrd1, Fri Aug 26 21:46
          What a small world!!! I bet there are still a few people still there.
      • Reply to intro - Sarah Hutson, Fri Aug 26 09:42
        You will do great! I only have 3 classes left and can now "see the light" LOL...It will fly by! And it is so much easier than your undergrad was, I guess because every class builds off the others =)... more
      • don't be nervous - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:14
        I say that but I was nervous too in my first class. I didn't know if I would be able to do class and work. It all works out though and it goes well. You are going to do great!! These classes are... more
        • encouragement - Ashley Joyce, Fri Aug 26 22:41
          Your encouragement makes me feel so much better as well, thanks! :)
      • No need to be nervous - scottk 349, Thu Aug 25 19:29
        I started grad school last Aug. You will be in great hands. The program and professors are wonderful.
      • Re: Rachel's Intro - ashley.montgomery, Thu Aug 25 17:15
        I am also a kindergarten teacher and I love it. Never a boring day in kindergarten.
      • Hello! - atkinssh, Wed Aug 24 21:54
        Hi, Rachel! You will love this program. I have learned so much and would recommend it to anyone. It's nice to have you with us!
      • reply to rachel - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:30
        Welcome to the Grad program! I have really learned alot from any class that I have taken and it has been great information that I feel like I can use and applies to my students everyday. Hope you... more
    • Carla's Introduction - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:23
      My name is Carla Beasley. I work for Surry County Schools and teach second grade. I am going into my fourth year of teaching. I have five classes left in my master's degree. Hopefully I will be done... more
      • Hey! - Ashley Joyce, Fri Aug 26 22:44
        Hey girl! I didnt know you and Lori were doing this program. We will definitely be getting together I hope to work on things if we are assigned any kind of group work or something. Hope you are well! ... more
      • 2nd grade - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:11
        I teach 2nd grade as well. We started back today. I love 2nd grade it is a great age. They are still little and most of them pretty sweet. I also like that they are independent enough to do... more
      • Good Luck - scottk 349, Thu Aug 25 19:27
        Good luck in obtaining your goal to be done with graduate school in June.
      • Hello! - atkinssh, Wed Aug 24 21:52
        Hi, Carla! I'm so glad we are at the same school! I don't know what I'd do without you!! :)
      • Replying to Carla's Intro - hicksrd1, Wed Aug 24 19:31
        Hi Carla, nice to meet you! Are you taking another class this year?
    • Sarah's Introduction - atkinssh, Tue Aug 23 22:46
      My name is Sarah Atkins. I am a Special Education teacher in Surry County. This is my sixth year teaching and I am toward the end of my graduate program with only three classes left after this... more
      • Special ed in reading, hooray! - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:06
        How wonderful to have a special educator getting a master's in reading. Wish we had more. Have you checked out the Center for Literacy and Disabilities link from my homepage? Lots of cool stuff there ... more
        • Center for Literacy Disabilities - atkinssh, Sat Aug 27 16:26
          I just checked out the Center for Literacy Disabilities website. I have been using Tarheel Reader for the last couple of years with my students and love it! I project the books on the Smartboard and... more
      • technology - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:08
        I enjoy learning to use new technologies. Sometimes it just takes me a few tries to get it right. I would also love to find some new things to use at school. These students are growing up in the age... more
      • reply to sarah's intro - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 21:04
        I am teaching Special Ed in Burke County. My husband has roots in Surry County also. This is my fourth year teaching and I only have 3 classes left after this semester. I am excited to finish my... more
      • Replying to Sarah's Intro - hicksrd1, Wed Aug 24 19:35
        Hi Sarah, I think it is awesome that you are a Special Education teacher. Do you teach a specific grade level, or do you have a combination class?
        • Reply to Rachel's Question - atkinssh, Wed Aug 24 21:41
          Hi, Rachel! I teach K-5. I mostly do resource, but I do some inclusion as well. I'm lucky that my schedule is pretty flexible so I can see groups of students who are on similar levels, rather than... more
      • Reply to Sarah - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:24
        Hey Sarah, I am so glad that we work together...Hope your year is off to a good start. See ya tomorrow!
      • reply to intro - beasleylm, Wed Aug 24 16:16
        I can't wait to start riding together again for our other class! See you soon!
    • Lori's Introduction - beasleylm, Tue Aug 23 21:33
      Hello! My name is Lori Beasley. This is my last year of graduate school. (Hopefully!!) I work for Surry County Schools at Dobson Elementary. I teach 4th grade and this is my 4th year teaching.
      • 4th grade - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:45
        I did my student teaching in 4th grade, it's a great age.
      • Hey YOU! - Ashley Joyce, Fri Aug 26 22:43
        Hey girl! Its ashley Joyce.. I didnt know you were doing this program! :) That excites me!!!
        • Hey Ashley! - beasleylm, Sat Aug 27 08:28
          Hey girl! Yea...I didn't know you were either. This is my last year. Are you just starting? What else are you taking??
          • Re: Hey Ashley! - Ashley joyce, Sat Aug 27 20:15
            Yes, this is my first class! I am excited... How did you like the program? A lot of people tell me it's a lot of fun!
      • Reply to Lori - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:26
        Hey Lori, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thank you for helping me get started with this. Love ya!
        • Re: Reply to Lori - Tonya, Sat Aug 27 15:54
          Hey Lori, We had class together last fall and spring. I missed you this summer. I hope things are going well. I know you are near graduation. I am glad to know someone in this class.
      • Last Year! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 23 23:13
        I hope you have enjoyed teaching. I am also in my 4th year of teaching. I can't wait to finish this year so I have the "career status" that public school teachers get after teaching 4 years. I know... more
        • reply to 4th year - beasleylm, Wed Aug 24 16:14
          I have enjoyed teaching!! That is the same way we do in our county as well, but I did hear that a change is coming to NC about that. I will be glad when I no longer have to be observed 4 times during ... more
          • Observations - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:28
            I know how you feel about four formal observations. I thought I would be excited about two snapshots and a summative this year. However, I still feel nervous about only two… How do I get it all in... more
      • last year! - atkinssh, Tue Aug 23 22:51
        It feels good to say "last year of graduate school," doesn't it? :) Look forward to getting to see and talk to you again!
        • last yr too! - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:18
          This is the plan anyway. It should be my last year. 2 classes this semester, 2 next semester then graduation!!!! :)
      • last yr of grad school - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 22:24
        You'll miss us when you're done :-)
    • Introduction - Nakita Carson, Tue Aug 23 21:25
      Hello. My name is Nakita Carson. I teach 3rd grade in Winston-Salem/Forsyth Co. Schools at Walkertown Elementary. This, unbelievably to me, my fifteenth year teaching.
      • Time Flies - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:40
        Hi Nakita, I'm excited to be in class with you again! I would have never guessed you've been teaching fifteen years. I guess it sneaks up on us all, I can't believe this will be my eleventh! Hope... more
        • Re: Time Flies - Nakita Carson, Mon Aug 29 22:14
          Lol! Yes it does! Time is an amazing thing! Hope all is well with you! Glad to be in class with you again too!
      • Here we go again - scottk 349, Thu Aug 25 19:30
        Glad to be in another class with you Nakita. Have you always taught 15 years in the 3rd grade?
      • Hey Nakita - ashley.montgomery, Thu Aug 25 17:11
        I am glad that we have another class together.
      • Reply to Nakita - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:32
        Hey Nakita, Looking forward to having another class with you....has the time flown by with teaching?? It has for me.
        • Re: Reply to Nakita - Nakita Carson, Fri Aug 26 19:33
          Time has flown by! Looking forward to another class with you too!
      • 15 yrs - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 22:25
        15 yrs and working on a master's. I am impressed on both counts. Good for you!
        • Reply to 15 years - hicksrd1, Wed Aug 24 19:45
          15 year is impressive, I can only imagine how much reading changed since you've first started teaching. I appreciate your willingness and interest in learning more innovative teaching techniques!
      • Reply to Nakita - burchamal, Tue Aug 23 22:01
        I hope you have a great class of third graders this year!
    • Lori Vestal intro - Lori Vestal, Tue Aug 23 21:14
      Hello, I am Lori Vestal. I think I am an "outsider" in this course. I am currently working on my Reading Masters through the Hickory Cohort. Lord willing, I will have 3 classes left after this... more
      • Special Ed. - burchamal, Sun Aug 28 14:31
        I am a regular ed classroom teacher, but throughout my courses in this program, I have really had my eyes opened to Special Ed...I love learning more about Special Education!
      • two spec educ in one rdg class! - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:09
        Wow! You and Sarah both in the same reading masters' class. Awesome. Never had two at once. That's great for the field, for your kids, and for your commitment to their learning.
      • Reply to Lori V - Sarah Hutson, Fri Aug 26 09:41
        Wow...your life must be busy with four kids! I admire you!!! Best wishes and let me know if I can help in anyway!!
      • Same Path! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 23 23:11
        I didn't realize you are on the same path as me. I only have three classes left after this semester as well :) I also plan on starting my doctorate right after too as I have already started some... more
        • Doctorate - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:21
          Best Wishes on getting your doctorate. I think I’ll try for National Boards—soon. -Jennifer
        • reply to same path - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:36
          Would you happen to taking Dr. Schlagal's class on Thursday night? I am taking that class. I think it will be very interesting and infomative.
      • Woohoo, special ed! :) - atkinssh, Tue Aug 23 22:53
        Hi, Lori! I am a special education teacher too! Sounds like we may finish at the same time. I only have three classes left after this too...a light at the end of the tunnel, finally! That's great you ... more
        • special ed - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:42
          What grades do you teach? I am teaching K-3 this year. I love my kids, the paperwork not as much, but my students are what makes it all worth it:) My daughter enjoyed UNC-C. She is testing her wings... more
          • Answer to Lori's Question - atkinssh, Wed Aug 24 21:48
            I teach K-5 resource and some inclusion. I mostly have K-2 students this year. I had nine out of my 16 or so students move on to fifth grade last year, so my schedule looks a lot different! I really... more
      • double tuition! - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 22:29
        Ouch, two in college at the same time! I'll have to do that in two years. Any advice on financial survival :-)
        • Two in college - wrightmm, Sun Aug 28 14:01
          It isn't easy - we had 3 at App a few years ago! Now my twins are seniors there, and I'm in my second year of the masters I guess you could say we still have three in college! Luckily, I ... more
        • reply to double tuition - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 21:01
          Pray for scholarships!! I told the boys that the first 4 years were on us and if they really wanted to go there, they had better start digging for some scholarships. I am thankful that they both did... more
          • scholarships well kept secret - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:15
            My son at Guilford is costing us what in-state tuition would be elsewhere because of scholarship. Folks often forget that private schools cost more but also provide a lot more financial aid. And... more
      • Reply to intro - beasleylm, Tue Aug 23 21:36
        Hello Lori! Most people with the same name never spell it the same, so it is neat to see someone spell it the same way! I went to North Surry High School and we used to play Starmount and Forbush in... more
        • reply to lori B. - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:51
          Yes, our names are rarely spelled the same and usually never get pronounced the same way either, but that's okay. My children went to East Burke High and we played Starmount a few years ago. No one... more
    • Amanda's Introduction - burchamal, Tue Aug 23 20:10
      Greetings! My name is Amanda Burcham and I am a 4th grade teacher at Northwest Elementary in Davidson County. This is my sixth year teaching but my first year in 4th grade. I, like Dr. Koppenhaver,... more
      • 4th grade - Tonya Isenhour, Sat Aug 27 16:02
        Hey Amanda B. It is nice to meet you. I live in Catawba County not too far from you. My son is in the fourth grade this year. So I may be calling on you for advice. I teach elementary PE in Lincoln... more
      • Congrats and welcome - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 21:03
        Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. And what a wonderful strategy to butter up the prof :-)
    • Dave Koppenhaver - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 16 23:12
      • We have something in common! - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:16
        Dr. Koppenhaver, First, I think you should meet a first grader of mine. He has spent two years in Kindergarten and this year is his first year in first grade. After administering the Early Reading... more
        • struggling reader recommendations - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 12:13
          Jennifer, Three cheers for you and your student's success. Three cheers for you for assessing the nature of his difficulties, figuring them out, and then teaching him in a way that apparently makes... more
      • Re: Dave Koppenhaver - Tonya Isenhour, Sat Aug 27 16:10
        Dr. Koppenhaver, I am Tonya Isenhour. We have spoke on the phone twice about my computer skills. Sorry, I am not as savvy as the other students. I am a graduate of ASU with a Physical Education... more
      • reply to your intro - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 13:37
        What a shame about the Teaching Fellows program. It's unfortunate to hear about so many valuable programs being cut these days. Guilford College isn't too far from where I live, and I find it to be a ... more
      • struggling readers - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:16
        In the first summer semester I took the reading disabilities class. It really opened my eyes to some things about children with disabilities and especially reading disabilities. I learned so much. I... more
        • Struggling readers - wrightmm, Sun Aug 28 14:06
          I was in that class, too, and really enjoyed it. I wish I had been able to take it during a full semester, because I know Dr. Ward had to condense things. There's so much that we need to know, and... more
      • Re: Dave Koppenhaver - ashley.montgomery, Thu Aug 25 17:14
        I am always looking for ways to help my struggling students. I look forward to learning a lot in this class.
      • reply to Dave - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 21:20
        Being in special education, children with reading difficulties are my life. There are so many different disablities (other than learning differences) that teachers are being made aware of and having... more
      • Ready to Learn - hicksrd1, Sun Aug 21 22:29
        This is my first class as a graduate student. I am full of nervous energy and excitement. I am looking forward to learning some new things.
        • Reply to Ready to Learn - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:39
          I was very nervous when I began this too....but it is a great program and I have learned so many things to help the kids in my class.
        • Re: Ready to Learn - Nakita Carson, Tue Aug 23 21:30
          Congratulations on beginning graduate school! I understand exactly how you feel because I was in the same boat last fall!
        • reply to hicksrd1 - burchamal, Tue Aug 23 20:12
          I have truly enjoyed all of my classes in the program. You will be so well-equipped to present solid literacy instruction in your own classroom!
          • ASU's Reading Program - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:20
            Glad to hear the various encouragements in this strand. I'm the flip side of Amanda's comment: I've loved every course I've taught in this program. I love the practical focus of grad students who are ... more
      • Teaching Fellows - Amanda Solesbee, Sun Aug 21 16:02
        I hate that they cut that program! That was such a great program to have...will they have something else in place to assist with teaching?
        • Teaching Fellows plans - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 21:08
          No plans to replace it with anything. Simply eliminated entirely from the state budget at present. They will honor the scholarships awarded to the four current classes. There is an outside chance it... more
      • Reply - Sarah Hutson, Sat Aug 20 23:51
        I am looking forward to a great class! Best wishes to your wife!
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