RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Rachel Hicks
Tue Dec 13, 2011 19:44

Marlee you brought up a good point. In Kindergarten we do teach our students how to look for "chunks" in words that they are decoding. I wonder if there is a difference between how we look for these "chunks" and how we teach our students how to decode, as compared to the way that the other grades teach it. Often times, students know the information, they just store it in a different section in their brains. If you have vertical alignment meetings, maybe this could be a way for all teachers to discuss this issue.

  • Word Build, word sorts - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:51
    Now, let me try again, this time with the right presentation on the right thread! I was interested in your study - and it makes me question where the break-down is in the skills we teach at the... more
    • RE: GAPS - Rachel Hicks, Tue Dec 13 19:44
      • re: GAPS - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:34
        Yes, reading and developing new strategies just happen naturally for some students. But it is difficult to teach a child to move from using sounds to decode words to using "chunking" strategies to... more
    • Re: Word Build, word sorts - beasleylm, Thu Dec 1 22:27
      I really believe that it is the complexity of the words. You would think that with all of the work in the lower grades, it would carry over to the upper grades. You can use the same word sorts from... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011