RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Re: What Did I Learn?
Wed Dec 14, 2011 00:03

I was a little apprehensive about the technology too- I was brand new to Skype and Brainshark. I agree that as educators we have to willing to be a life-long learner and continuously look for research based methods that will be effective in reaching our students in our classrooms. I feel like I was able to grow and learn as a teacher through this project and because of my studentsí achievements- I will also continue to use word sorts in my classroom to improve reading, writing, and spelling abilities.

It must be extremely hard to develop partnerships when you are the only Kindergarten teacher at your school. If I were you I would certainly continue to seek peers from across grade levels and other teachers that take these grad school classes.

  • Re: What Did I Learn? - Ashley Montgomery, Tue Dec 13 07:28
    I wasn't very excited about this class at first. I thought I knew very little about research and I was a little scared of all the technology we would be using. I have learning that teachers are... more
    • Re: What Did I Learn? - crousejs, Wed Dec 14 00:03
    • Re: What Did I Learn? - Ashley Joyce, Tue Dec 13 13:39
      I wasn't too excited about the whole research part of this class either; however, in the end, I am glad that I took this class. There is so much out there that we forget to read up on, or research,... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011