RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Re: Reply to Nakita
Thu Dec 15, 2011 23:21

I believe that comprehension strategies and modeling how to use those should start at a very young age. I have listened to many children retell a story they have just read/listened to and quite often receive very high points based on a rubric. I have also heard children go to retell a story and just stop in mid-stride for various reasons because they can’t remember a single thing. As a primary teacher, I believe we have to teach, model, and practice, practice, practice multiple comprehension strategies until the child can “visualize” it in their minds and eventually do it own their own.

In looking at the Essential Standards and Common Core in reading, if I as a primary teacher don’t incorporate these strategies into my reading lessons- by the time they get to the upper grades they will be completely lost. I believe that because the texts get more difficult and the critical thinking gets much deeper than, “Who were the characters?” I would like to incorporate Irwin and Mitchell’s 5 pt. system in my room to see if that with HOTS and Bloom’s raised my students’ retelling/comprehension abilities.

  • Reply to Nakita - Whitney Fisher, Fri Dec 9 14:08
    So true! A lot of people on the thread have been commenting on how older students (4 or 5th grade) struggle with comprehension and retell. I think strategies like manipulatives and story structure... more
    • Re: Reply to Nakita - crousejs, Thu Dec 15 23:21
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RE 5040 Fall 2011