RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Thu Aug 25, 2011 22:08

I enjoy learning to use new technologies. Sometimes it just takes me a few tries to get it right. I would also love to find some new things to use at school. These students are growing up in the age of technology and its rapidly changing everyday. They need to learn how to use it. It amazes me what my little 2nd graders already know how to do on a computer!

  • Sarah's Introduction - atkinssh, Tue Aug 23 22:46
    My name is Sarah Atkins. I am a Special Education teacher in Surry County. This is my sixth year teaching and I am toward the end of my graduate program with only three classes left after this... more
    • Special ed in reading, hooray! - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:06
      How wonderful to have a special educator getting a master's in reading. Wish we had more. Have you checked out the Center for Literacy and Disabilities link from my homepage? Lots of cool stuff there ... more
      • Center for Literacy Disabilities - atkinssh, Sat Aug 27 16:26
        I just checked out the Center for Literacy Disabilities website. I have been using Tarheel Reader for the last couple of years with my students and love it! I project the books on the Smartboard and... more
    • technology - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:08
    • reply to sarah's intro - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 21:04
      I am teaching Special Ed in Burke County. My husband has roots in Surry County also. This is my fourth year teaching and I only have 3 classes left after this semester. I am excited to finish my... more
    • Replying to Sarah's Intro - hicksrd1, Wed Aug 24 19:35
      Hi Sarah, I think it is awesome that you are a Special Education teacher. Do you teach a specific grade level, or do you have a combination class?
      • Reply to Rachel's Question - atkinssh, Wed Aug 24 21:41
        Hi, Rachel! I teach K-5. I mostly do resource, but I do some inclusion as well. I'm lucky that my schedule is pretty flexible so I can see groups of students who are on similar levels, rather than... more
    • Reply to Sarah - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:24
      Hey Sarah, I am so glad that we work together...Hope your year is off to a good start. See ya tomorrow!
    • reply to intro - beasleylm, Wed Aug 24 16:16
      I can't wait to start riding together again for our other class! See you soon!
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RE 5040 Fall 2011