RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Ruth Ann Timmons
South Fork
Sun Aug 28, 2011 21:24

Hi Ashley! My husband's house was in the neighborhood behind your school and after we got married that is where we lived for the first two years of our marriage. Congrats on your new job and welcome to Kindergarten- it's a great age!

  • Ashley's Intro - Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 22:37
    My name is Ashley Joyce. I graduated from Lees McRae in 2009. I was a teacher's assistant last year in Kindergarten at South Fork Elementary in Winston Salem. This year, I am a Kindergarten teacher... more
    • Hi Asheley Joyce - Ginger Landers, Mon Sep 5 01:13
      I was also a teacher's assistant, but in Asheville. I think that is an exciting age to teach! This is my first semester in graduate school as well. I am a full-time student and am living in Boone... more
    • Reply to Ashley - fisherwn, Mon Aug 29 16:38
      How did you like being a teacher's assistant? I have applied for a teacher's assistant position in Guilford County and hoping to hear back soon. This is my first graduate class as well!
    • South Fork - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:24
    • re: Ashley Joyce - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 10:41
      Hi Ashley! Congrats on your new teaching position. My oldest son began Kindergarten this week. It was a bittersweet moment for sure. Hope that you have a wonderful school year.
      • re: Ashley Joyce - ashley joyce, Sat Aug 27 20:13
        aww! It was hard for all of the mommies... hope you are doing well with the "letting go" process! :)
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RE 5040 Fall 2011