RE 5040 Fall 2011
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teaching/research begin with observation
Thu Sep 1, 2011 12:59

I like how you mentioned that your first thoughts of research were spending hours at the library. How true! That's certainly my memory of research while I was in college. I also found it interesting when you stated that teaching and researching both begin with observation. I've never thought about it that way, but I think that's really true, or at least it should be true. Good teaching AND research should begin with observation.

  • Teaching/Research - Ashley Montgomery, Thu Sep 1 09:55
    When I first read these questions I didn't really think about teaching and research being that closly related. I think of research as spending hours in a library reading long articles and books that... more
    • i agree - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:38
      I too have always thought of reserach in the terms of what I did in school. For example when you would do a "research project." We usually had to pick a topic or person and spend hours finding... more
    • Observation - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 20:21
      I too had never really thought of teaching and research being so similar. But Wilfrid's story is an excellent depiction of their link. I'm so glad you mentioned observation! It is something we do all ... more
    • Teachers ARE researchers! - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Sep 1 21:33
      Exactly! Teachers are researchers and they don't even know it! I try to tell my co-workers that all the time, and they disagree. We are always researching new ideas and strategies to help our kids... more
      • Teachers ARE Reseachers - burchamal, Fri Sep 2 17:57
        Amen sister! I also think that we as teachers must be the best examples for our students on how they can be researchers!
      • Reply to Teachers ARE researchers - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:48
        I agree, as well. Although it is informal research, it is research nevertheless. I google ideas constantly and I am always asking my colleagues for different ideas to help my students learn. If... more
      • Re: Teachers ARE researchers! - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:03
        Amanda, I agree! I like the way a younger teacher is helping more experienced teachers find new ways to look at themselves as professionals!! I know I am always looking for new ideas or activities so ... more
    • Reply to Teaching/Research - beasleycm, Thu Sep 1 17:14
      This is the same way I thought about research. Then when you think about it, teachers research constantly to find new ideas and practices that work.
    • teaching/research begin with observation - MaryBeth, Thu Sep 1 12:59
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RE 5040 Fall 2011