RE 5040 Fall 2011
Amanda Solesbee
Good Teaching Enhanced by Research!
Thu Sep 1, 2011 21:26

I agree with you MaryBeth! Good teaching is enhanced by research as research guides your instruction and can really increase the learning in your classroom. If students didn't have questions, then it might be because you are not challenging them or making them think hard enough- so as you say, good teaching reveals are right! If you are really teaching at the best of your ability for your students, they should be asking questions and then, in return, you research and make sure you can help answer their questions. I just really love your saying, "Good teaching is enhanced by research." Awesome!

  • Wilfrid is both a teacher and a researcher in this text by Mem Fox. He is a researcher when he “wanted to know more” and begins asking questions, gathering different perspectives from multiple... more
    • Balance - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:42
      I liked what you said about having a balance of research and teaching to create an optimal learning environment - we need some of both to effectively reach our children and prepare the best lessons.... more
    • Reply to an Optimal Classroom Environment - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:45
      MaryBeth, I agree that an optimal classroom environment is one that balances teaching and research. A good teacher doesn't keep doing the same ole thing if it isn't working. Research should guide... more
    • Good Teaching Enhanced by Research! - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Sep 1 21:26
    • Reply to Research and Teaching - beasleycm, Thu Sep 1 17:19
      I agree that the classroom and teaching are enhanced by research. Teachers have to stay on top of the latest theories and methods. We test what we have researched and conclude if the new method works.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011