RE 5040 Fall 2011
Thu Sep 1, 2011 22:26

I like how you compared research to a puzzle. I had never thought of it that way, but that's a very good analogy. It's true that the research is the gathering and the learning process. In order to learn, you have to gather the needed information and in turn, you learn the answer to the question you set out to find.

  • Similiarities and Differences by Lori - beasleylm, Tue Aug 30 21:03
    This is a great book to show the similarities and differences in teaching and research. Wilfrid does a great job in teaching and researching because he is trying to help Mrs. Nancy get her memory... more
    • research/teaching puzzle - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 20:07
      I agree teaching and research go hand in hand. To be effective as a teacher you need to have efficient skills as a researcher and be able to utilize your findings to help your students. I like your... more
      • puzzle - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:42
        It is just like a puzzle. YOu have to have all the pieces to make it work. I hadn't thought of it that way. If you don't have all the pieces though you don't see the big picture. We have to have... more
    • Reply to Lori B - Sarah Hutson, Sat Sep 3 16:25
      I like how you mentioned that teaching a researching is like putting a ouzzle together, "If one piece is missing, it won't work". I often have had to revamp a lesson because upon teaching it, I... more
    • Comparison - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:26
    • Re: Similiarities and Differences by Lori - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:08
      I like the wording of puzzle. Very nicely put. He did find out different "meanings" to what a memory was. So he started "plugging" in his information to which piece worked for her! I like that. Tonya
    • A Puzzle! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 30 21:33
      Great wording! Both teaching and research rely on each other. Research is the gathering process, just like you said. After you gather everything together, you can puzzle it together and form a great... more
      • comment to A Puzzle - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 23:43
        That's a great idea to use the book as an introduction for a service or research project! Thank you for the suggestion.
      • Amanda S. A Puzzle - Lori Vestal, Sat Sep 3 08:15
        I checked out the website. It also gives a history of the book, and she explained how she came up with the characters, which I thought was pretty interesting. It made the book feel a little more... more
        • author's website - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 23:41
          Thank you for the suggestion of looking at the author's website. I found it interesting that she said her purpose for writing the book was to illustrate the connections between elderly and young... more
      • Re: A Puzzle! - Ashley Montgomery, Thu Sep 1 09:59
        Thanks for sharing the link to this website.
      • more about book - Sarah Patten, Wed Aug 31 20:47
        Great idea about using this book to kick off a service project or any research project!!
        • book - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Aug 31 21:32
          I read it today, and the kids loved it! I actually had two girls cry because they got so connected with the character. I shared with others in the school, and by the end of the day 5 other teachers... more
          • That's what teachers love!! - Sarah Patten, Thu Sep 1 15:05
            It's wonderful when it "clicks" with students in understanding each person is unique! Each person has their own story about what "something means" and its importance to them.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011